in the greatest city in the world

I went to NYC last week and it was everything I dreamed of and more, because I ate bagels and met up with friends to have delicious dinners (a food theme, always) and got to spend a day with my sorella, AND SAW HAMILTON WHICH WAS AMAZING AND THE BEST THING EVER, and hung out with two of my favorite kids and learned about “dabbin” and also famous YouTube people,  and just enjoyed being in the vibe of NYC in general, because despite knowing I can never have you New York, I love you just the same.

Two funny-ish things:

  1. I woke up in a panic the first night I was in NYC because I thought I had bed bugs, but it turned out that I was rolling around in pretzel salt, because I am a pregnant lady with a lot of carb needs, and apparently I’m a messy pretzel eater. It was terrifying, until it was hysterical.
  2. One of the best things about being in NYC and staying in a hotel was that I had cable on Super Tuesday, which meant that I got to lay in bed and watch Chris Christie look uncomfortable behind Donald Trump for 20 minutes on live television after eating a delicious meal in Brooklyn.


It was an awesome, awesome trip. Seriously, should you live in an area where Hamilton is coming, I order you to see it, because it is the best. Totally worth a whirlwind, mid-week trip, and even worth sitting in the middle seat on the plane home next to a giant man who hogged the armrests and kept sighing like I was taking up too much room.

Enjoy this one, chickens. Chicago’s heating up and I can feel spring coming, I promise!


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