five good things: end of the week edition

Ok, let’s get to it this morning. It’s been a weird week, where I’ve felt like everyone’s spun out of control and been angrier than necessary, and so I’m happy to be diving into a weekend of fun. I’m pretty sure I can drum up (at least) five good things going on over here.

  1. The weather has been warm this week, which means I have decided that spring is definitely coming and I have survived another winter in Chicago, thank God. We took Boo to the park Tuesday night and he just kept yelling “Play, Play!” which was highly satisfying. Yes, Theo, it’s time to play. It’s also time for it to be light out past 6:00 PM, which will literally lift us out of the darkness, and so no one can argue that things have taken a turn for the better here.
  2. Speaking of Theo (when am I not, really?), he has been in his bed all night, every night this week, which is amazing. Perhaps my days of accidentally co-sleeping are over (let’s not get crazy, I guess). In any case, he’s got good timing, because I am generally out of space for more humans in my bed.
  3. My sister sent me this video, which is a video of Lin-Manuel Miranda (of Hamilton fame) doing the Newsies. I may have died and gone to heaven you guys. Ahhhh.
  4. There are no debates for several days. Thank God, because I can’t stop myself from watching them/following them on Twitter, because I feel like it’s my civic duty, but really I just want to plug my ears and cover my head with a blanket and wonder, how did we get here, again?

  5. My pal Court heads to town this weekend, which is a delight. Court has been my friend since I was nineteen, and even though she keeps circling the earth on her adventures and I’ve only moved four miles north since when we first met, we always manage to find our way back to each other (by which I mean she ends up coming home and honoring us with her presence). I’m excited to spend some time hearing what she’s been up to.



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