five good things: happy to be here edition

You guys, it’s Friday. And it’s been a windy week, and I’m ready for a weekend with my people. Here are five good things to get us started.

1.This video:

Emma Watson and Lin-Manuel Miranda Freestyle

I love Lin. I love Emma. I love being a feminist. What’s not to love about this? Thank you  guys, for making everything I love (at least) kind of cool.

2. We’re headed to a fish fry tonight with Boo and the S Family, which means my favorite assortment of toddlers, teens, and adults. Also, “Fwench Fwies!”, as my son would very seriously point out.

He’s right, obviously.

3. My latest read,which is taking me longer than 2 days (a good thing, I’ve decided, as I’ve been tearing through books at a ridiculous speed) is called Wilson by A.Scott Berg, and it’s a long, very complete biography of Woodrow Wilson.

Wilson is the reason we have majors in college, was actually named Thomas, implemented Jim Crow laws (which did not turn out the way he envisioned), was the President of Princeton, wrote steamy love letters to both his wives, and also led us through World War I.

So many things I didn’t know, and I’m not even halfway done yet. If you’re into biographies about presidents (which we all know I am), I would recommend this one.

I promise to get to some fiction soon, you guys.

4. I’m scheduled for yoga and brunch with JD and KB tomorrow, which is a delight because despite the fact that we generally speak all day, every day via text message (am I ashamed? No. I need constant supervision), we haven’t all been together in one place in approximately one million years. There is no one I would  rather eat an order of table doughnuts with this weekend, you guys.

5. It’s NCAA March Madness time, chickadees. And UCONN not only squeezed their way into the tournament, but also won a game yesterday, which keeps both my hopes and my bracket alive. I also saw a commercial featuring Jim Calhoun (UCONN’s former coach) and Kevin Ollie (UCONN’s current coach and also a former player in my youth) embracing, and it gave me all the feels. I LOVE A SPORTS TOURNAMENT.

And with that, it’s time to get through one more productive office day before splitting for the weekend. Enjoy this one, chickens!


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  1. Yoga and brunch sounds like such a lovely start to the weekend 🙂

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