five good things: april showers edition

Ok pals, it’s April now and while I am over this will-it-or-won’t-it weather, I am keeping my head down and dreaming of May flowers and grilling and lots of time “play park” as Theo likes to call it.

Let’s do five things, because I think we need some good things around here (always we do, chickens):

  1. I had brunch with my lady friends this last weekend, and it was a delight because brunch is always a delightful meal and also because there is nothing like laughing with your people. There just isn’t.
  2. My nephew Gio has learned how to roll over. This means he’s basically a grown up and it makes me want to cry a little but also, it is the first of so many fun milestones to come (sitting! standing! going to college!)
  3. JW and D painted Theo & Lady Baby’s room this weekend. It’s a minty, beachy green, which means it’s bright and fun and no longer greasy from my son’s tiny paws touching everything. We’d like her to enter this world with a clean four walls to hold her- I think that’s a fair expectation.

    I also picked it because it reminded me of our aunt Mimi’s favorite color, and it just goes without saying that a little reminder of Mimi in your babies’ bedroom makes everything sunnier- without realizing it, we painted the weekend that we lost (bad word, I know) Mimi two years ago, and so as expected, she’s always with us when we need her, I think.

  4. This clip of Bernie Sanders and his thoughts on religion. I know, I know, I know it comes across as political, but to me, it’s not.It’s just so human, and so right.  To me, anyway.
  5. I’m still on my reading kick (I mean, I guess I can stop saying that, since it’s lasted like 27 years so far), and I’ve got Corey Booker’s new book next, which I am super excited about, because of my love for/crush on/immense respect in regards to NJ’s senator.

And with that, I’m off to start this one grateful that it’s already Tuesday. That’s a good thing, chickens.


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