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five good things: even though it’s monday edition

Morning, chickadees! It was a beautiful, beautiful weekend that went really way too fast, and I’m still buzzing off the fumes, so I refuse to let Monday get me down. Here are some good things to get us through the day:

  1. I’m no longer illiterate. Whew. I was a little worried about it, but I finished The Nest last week which was the perfect New York-y story to get me back into the pages of books. Now I’m reading The Glass Castlewhich I never read when it came out, and man, it’s a fucked up memoir, but it’s also fast moving and interesting and great train fare. I’m back at it, and I’m so glad.
  2. Monday means a new Presidential podcast, and we’re already up to LBJ.  Since I know this podcast has an ending that’s coming fast and furiously, I’ve been binge listening to the Moth, which my coworkers at SB told me to listen to a million times, and I never listened because I’m the worst. I’m listening now, and I’m hooked, because who doesn’t love a good story?
  3.  This weekend was baby-heavy, just the way I like it. I got to meet sweet little George, my friend A’s baby, and even though my own baby isn’t even four months old yet, she seems like a full-grown adult when compared to that cuddly, sleepy, handsome guy I got to hang out with on Saturday afternoon. I swooned.

    Also this weekend, my newest niece (we don’t share blood, but I share important life stories with her mom & dad, and so it counts just the same) Helen Grace was born. Helen is beautiful and being a parent looks so good on my friends M&M that I can barely stand it. Let it be known that this season of life seems impossibly hard sometimes chickens, but it’s also impossibly sweet and that is important to remember in the middle of the night when the baby wakes up.

  4. JW and I celebrated our anniversary by eating the best pot stickers we’ve ever, ever had at Fat Rice and trying to play high/low with our marriage. Here’s the bottom line: we came up with a lot more highs than lows, and we like our life even better now than we did when we started.
  5. This weekend we had our wedding photographer Calynn take family photos of us downtown. We loved her when she captured our wedding, and we love that she got to capture our whole family. Also, we got to celebrate the photo shoot being over by eating gyros and french fries in Greektown, and so overall, it was a win.

And with that chicks, let this week begin. Bonus good thing: Chicago’s weather is done scorching us, and it looks like summer might bow to autumn, finally. Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!


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five good things: end of the week edition

Ok, let’s get to it this morning. It’s been a weird week, where I’ve felt like everyone’s spun out of control and been angrier than necessary, and so I’m happy to be diving into a weekend of fun. I’m pretty sure I can drum up (at least) five good things going on over here.

  1. The weather has been warm this week, which means I have decided that spring is definitely coming and I have survived another winter in Chicago, thank God. We took Boo to the park Tuesday night and he just kept yelling “Play, Play!” which was highly satisfying. Yes, Theo, it’s time to play. It’s also time for it to be light out past 6:00 PM, which will literally lift us out of the darkness, and so no one can argue that things have taken a turn for the better here.
  2. Speaking of Theo (when am I not, really?), he has been in his bed all night, every night this week, which is amazing. Perhaps my days of accidentally co-sleeping are over (let’s not get crazy, I guess). In any case, he’s got good timing, because I am generally out of space for more humans in my bed.
  3. My sister sent me this video, which is a video of Lin-Manuel Miranda (of Hamilton fame) doing the Newsies. I may have died and gone to heaven you guys. Ahhhh.
  4. There are no debates for several days. Thank God, because I can’t stop myself from watching them/following them on Twitter, because I feel like it’s my civic duty, but really I just want to plug my ears and cover my head with a blanket and wonder, how did we get here, again?

  5. My pal Court heads to town this weekend, which is a delight. Court has been my friend since I was nineteen, and even though she keeps circling the earth on her adventures and I’ve only moved four miles north since when we first met, we always manage to find our way back to each other (by which I mean she ends up coming home and honoring us with her presence). I’m excited to spend some time hearing what she’s been up to.


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Five Good Things: The Founders’ Edition

You guys, for the first time in my professional career, I have Presidents’ Day off, and so does JW, and that is a very, very good thing indeed. And thus, let me lay out a few more good things I can think of:

1. Since we have the day off, JW and I are planning on taking Boo to the Museum of Science and Industry, which is among my favorite things to do. While my guess is that the little guy won’t be as excited about the U-505 submarine as I am, I do have a hunch that the giant tractors, trains, and baby chicks might catch his interest. I love the MSI because you can touch everything and be loud, which means it’s perfect for both my two-year old and myself.

2. Four day work week. Enough said, chickens.

3. My brother-in-law J found an old VHS tape that belonged to my family last week, and digitized it for us, which means that I forced JW to watch it, and I loved seeing all my family show up in it (if you’re a cousin, aunt, uncle or grandparent and want to see it, let me know, and I’ll send you the link), especially my grandfather, who JW never got to meet but who I know would have liked him very, very much. My most favorite thing about the tape though, was how much Theo and my baby brother Mikie are twinning it, 23 years apart in age (although Mikie won in the hair department):


4. My sister’s friend (also my friend too! I claim her!) KC is my life role model even though she’s one whole year younger than me. She’s an author and generally kick-ass lady from New York who lives in Boston, and aside from being in next month’s Hamilton viewing group, her book is being developed into an MTV series, which is amazing. I can’t wait!

Check it out! 

5. We’re celebrating Theo’s birthday this weekend, which will likely be low key  (like this child needs any additional gifts), but is exciting because it means my tiny little baby is a sturdy, loud toddler, clear as day. It also means I get to eat cake, again. I won’t force him to stay little since instead I’ve decided to replace him with another tiny human.

Just kidding Boo, you’ll always be my baby. Until you’re 107.

And with that, I’m off to enjoy this free day. Enjoy the sunshine, chickadees!

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Five good things: good morning, beautiful

Man, I’ve missed five good things. It needs no introduction, so let’s get to it.

  1. It occurred to me earlier this week that since I’ve been off the scene awhile, some of you may have missed my intense Hamilton obsession. If you are living under a rock and have never heard of this amazing musical, you should check it out. My baby sister and all her friends are indulging me by going with me in March to see it in NYC. In case you were wondering, there is nothing better than a musical based on a founding father where the music is all rooted in hip hop (THERE ARE CABINET RAP BATTLES, YOU GUYS)., and also, you can find it on Spotify, for free. And no, I’m not willing to admit how much I paid for tickets.
  2. Speaking of Spotify, I’m currently obsessed with its Discover Weekly mix, which is usually right on in getting me through the work day. This morning it greeted me with a Weezer cover and a song called “Good morning, beautiful” and so I know it really knows me.
  3. The weather this week in Chicago is above freezing, which means only a few layers. I’d be wearing even less of them, but Boo insists that we dress in the same exact number of layers before heading out, and so I have no choice but to obey when he points to my head and says “Mama, hat.”
  4. February is coming up, and it’s a big month around here. Birthdays for my grandma, myself, Boo, and significant progress toward the end of winter. It’s a cold month, but it’s full of little celebrations to move us along to a sunnier set of days.
  5. I wouldn’t be my nerdy self if I didn’t mention that I have declared 2016 the year of literacy even though I read every year and that I am currently using a combination of my book club, the library, and Goodreads to conquer all kind of titles while it freezes outside. My favorite at the moment is Liane Moriarty books for when I want to read fast and easy, and also I loved Sarah Vowell’s Lafayette in the Somewhat United States because as mentioned in #1, I’m very into the Revolutionary War right now, and also Vowell makes history fun. Read on, you guys- TV is pretty boring right now anyway, and football’s almost over.

And with that’s I’m off to get through another wintry day. Enjoy the sunshine, chickadees!


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Five Photos to Get Excited for Summer







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Five Good Things: It’s my Friday Edition

So I’m a little bit frazzled this morning, having worked out early, come home to a tired JW whose schedule I had messed up by forgetting to reset his alarm after mine went up, and tearing through my house trying to create a semblance of order for when my friend LE gets here from CT tonight.

Whew. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Anyway- onto some more exciting things:

1. I am actually currently blogging from my blackberry application. A little rough on the thumbs, but like I said, pressed for time. Also- probably I look like I’m writing the longest text ever on the El. Oh well.

2. 1.5 miles of swimming, 37 miles of biking, and 6 miles of running later, all that stands between me and a blessed rest day is tomorrow’s six mile run. Bring. It. On.

3. As previously mentioned, my friend LE is coming to see Ky and me tonight, so I know I have a great weekend in store. We’ve all been friends since we were eleven and loved both scrunchies and wearing ridiculous, tapered jeans. What bond could be stronger than that?

4. I took tomorrow off. If this was not enough to stand alone, LE and I are hoping to make our way east for a day at the beach. Awesome.

5. The annual Riot Rugby bar crawl is this weekend, which means spending an entire day mulling around in bars with JW’s whole rugby team and all of our associates. It makes for a pretty good time.

Ok chicks, I’m headed underground so I’ll cut this short, but enjoy this sunny and not-too-hot Thursday!


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