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five good things, the room where it happens edition

You guys, you guys, you guys.

Today I’m leaving for NYC, where I will get to see my little sister and her excellent friends, and also, see HAMILTON. I’m such a fan of a quick-ish trip to reboot, and NYC is one of my favorite places to do just that. Five good things, in honor of heading to one of the best cities:

  1. This is the second time I’ve taken a trip to NYC while pregnant, which is sad because I cannot drink but awesome because I can eat all the pizza and bagels I want without feeling badly about it. I love you more than life Chicago, but you just don’t offer me the same quality level of carbohydrates, and so it’s off to the East Coast I go.
  2. Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton!!! I don’t even care that we could only get tickets for a show at 2pm on a Wednesday, because all I care about is seeing this amazing musical that I have been obsessed with for months (thank you, VB, for your initial introduction and for being the kind of boss who used our touch base meetings to listen to cabinet rap battle songs- you get me). If you don’t know about it, please go freaking Youtube everything you can about it.
  3. I have a weird little collection of pals who live in NYC, and it’s my goal to see all of them while I’m here. I’m looking forward to laughing my ass off under the wings of some people I’ve missed. That’s the best kind of visit, after all.
  4. Last time I was in NYC I headed to the 9/11 museum, because even though I am from the East Coast and therefore do not view myself as a Tourist, what’s the point of being in the city and not seeing what it’s got going on, which is like, everything. My sister and I have plans to go see the Statue of Liberty, and since I haven’t done it in 21 years, I think it’s fine. And also I might buy a foam crown, and I don’t care who knows it.
  5. The weather is supposed to be in the high 50s the whole time I’m there, which means I can trudge around outside and not freeze or sweat to death (last time I was there it was August, and I almost died sweating in inappropriate clothing- my fault, I admit it). We’ve got the setup for a perfect little getaway, chickens.

And with that, I’m off to start my trip with TSA precheck and Frontera. Enjoy this one, chickadees!


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Five Good Things: The Founders’ Edition

You guys, for the first time in my professional career, I have Presidents’ Day off, and so does JW, and that is a very, very good thing indeed. And thus, let me lay out a few more good things I can think of:

1. Since we have the day off, JW and I are planning on taking Boo to the Museum of Science and Industry, which is among my favorite things to do. While my guess is that the little guy won’t be as excited about the U-505 submarine as I am, I do have a hunch that the giant tractors, trains, and baby chicks might catch his interest. I love the MSI because you can touch everything and be loud, which means it’s perfect for both my two-year old and myself.

2. Four day work week. Enough said, chickens.

3. My brother-in-law J found an old VHS tape that belonged to my family last week, and digitized it for us, which means that I forced JW to watch it, and I loved seeing all my family show up in it (if you’re a cousin, aunt, uncle or grandparent and want to see it, let me know, and I’ll send you the link), especially my grandfather, who JW never got to meet but who I know would have liked him very, very much. My most favorite thing about the tape though, was how much Theo and my baby brother Mikie are twinning it, 23 years apart in age (although Mikie won in the hair department):


4. My sister’s friend (also my friend too! I claim her!) KC is my life role model even though she’s one whole year younger than me. She’s an author and generally kick-ass lady from New York who lives in Boston, and aside from being in next month’s Hamilton viewing group, her book is being developed into an MTV series, which is amazing. I can’t wait!

Check it out! 

5. We’re celebrating Theo’s birthday this weekend, which will likely be low key  (like this child needs any additional gifts), but is exciting because it means my tiny little baby is a sturdy, loud toddler, clear as day. It also means I get to eat cake, again. I won’t force him to stay little since instead I’ve decided to replace him with another tiny human.

Just kidding Boo, you’ll always be my baby. Until you’re 107.

And with that, I’m off to enjoy this free day. Enjoy the sunshine, chickadees!

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five good things: here i am! edition

Okay guys, I know, I know, I know.

It’s so hard for me to be consistent because life is just not consistent around here, but I miss this little corner of the world, and if you’ve given up all hope on me, I forgive you and will just treat this as my diary going forward.

I’ll assume you’ve moved on, and I’m cool with it.

Spoiler alert though: I have not moved on, I am right here, and I have finally stopped spinning.

For a minute.

So here are five good things I’d like to share, in an attempt to get back into it.

  1. In the past month, I have been in Florida, Washington, D.C., Texas, Connecticut, New Jersey, and probably a couple other places that I’m forgetting. Some of it has been fun (i.e. pizza with my entire family, getting to spend some time with my grandparents, going to the beach) and some of it has been boring (for instance, touring the 87th hotel guest room and not really knowing what to say about it except, Nice!), but the good news is, until October, I am only going to be here. Here’s to an easy routine, lots of Boo and JW time, and a break from the airport.
  2. Last week I was in CT with JW and Boo watching one of my oldest and best friends get married. There are certain points at which you look at your life so far and think, man, how did I get so lucky? and this was one of them. Here’s to the friends who were 12 with you and still manage to really get you, chickens.


  3. I also got to spend some time in NYC this past week, and enjoyed traipsing around with my buddy KC, sitting on rooftops, eating pizza,stealing cutlery, and seeing the sights with a pal. Also visiting two of my favorite little (not so little- 14 is apparently the age of overtaking me in height) guys from NJ and being expressly taught the importance of watching Pretty Little Liars as fast as possible. I’m working on it, I promise.
  4. Also during my trip to CT: Ky and I took Boo to the ocean, and begrudgingly, he let us take him in. It was at that point that he started cackling, shoveling his little paws into the water, and licking them, because he’s never been in salt water before. No matter what shenanigans he pulls in the next 18-25 years, that memory will make me laugh until the end of time.


  5. We’ve got a long weekend coming up here in my very own city, which means getting organized, reading all my library books (I just finished Me Before You and cried on the plane, and now I’m into In the Woodsand my list is still a mile long), getting outside, eating at ridiculous festivals, and going to BBQs. I can’t think of a better way to prep for the next season we’ve got coming up.

And with that, chickadees, I’m back. I mean, I think I’m back. I promise to work on being back. It’s better than nothing, right?

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!

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five good things: it’s the anticipation edition

Morning, chickens.

And let us all breathe a big sigh of relief because we have successfully made it to Friday, (mostly) in one piece.

That’s definitely something.

And because I don’t know about you but for me this was a really long, sort of tough one to get through, I could probably use a few good things, and there are plenty to go around, let me tell you that.

Here goes:

1. Since it’s about to be double conference day around here, I’ve been dedicated (ahem, obsessed) with my FitBit. My RA is touch and go, but something I can almost always do is put one foot in front of the other, and so it’s been my goal to hit 10,000 steps a day every day between now and the end of my conferences (easy in a giant convention center). Last night I realized I was going to miss the mark, and so instead of flipping to another episode of the Sopranos (yes, I’m pretending it’s 2006 here), I threw my sneakers on and took a quiet, cool walk through my neighborhood in the dark.

It was lovely, and I have another notch in my steps record.

2. I have this entire weekend before I even have to start thinking about the fact that I leave next weekend. This means two free days to get my act together, play with Boo, and hang with JW before wondering what I’ve gotten myself into, again, and whether or not I have the appropriate amount of clothes to get me through my trips without pausing for laundry.

3. Yesterday I wrote my sister that I was having something of an “Alexander” month over here, which is a reference to one of our favorite books, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, and is code for things aren’t going so hot, please tell me a joke. Fast forward to today and because Theo expects several stories before retiring to his crib, I pulled out my own copy of Alexander and made myself feel much better reading about how we’re all vulnerable to occasional string of bad luck.

My mom says some days are like that.

Amen, sister.

I’m just glad I didn’t get gum stuck in my hair.

4. Things Boo does this week that he didn’t last week (also known as: Babies are Crazy): Speak Spanish, Climb backwards down stairs, hug Longfellow Tiger (not just stomp on his face) and turn doorknobs.

I wish my learning aptitude was set at Baby Speed.

5. Today’s a day with almost zero meetings, which means plenty of potential to get.things.done, chat with funny people, walk outside away from my cubicle, and hit an early happy hour with my team in preparation with what I’m sure will be another kick ass conference.

I hope you’ve got as much good spilling into these next few days as I do, chickens! Enjoy this one!

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five good things: it’s gonna be may edition

Morning, chickadees! This has been another fast-paced week, and all of a sudden, I find myself at Friday again.


In honor of making it until the weekend (almost), let’s talk about five.good.things:

1. Last night JW, Boo, and I went to Aus’ National Honor Society induction. We walked in late and basically ended up in the procession with the high school students. Tobin spotted us, and noted “Oh good, my brother’s here,” when he saw Boo coming. I have no actual pictures of the inductee, oh whom I am very proud (and also, how did you get to be so old, my red-headed devil?), but here’s a cute one of the “brudders” after the ceremony:


2. Last week I booked a ticket to Dubai for a rather short work trip considering the 16 hours of flying it will take to get there.  I leave in a week.

After wading through feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of leaving Boo and going so far away and wondering exactly how many Xanax it will take for me to ward off mid-flight panic attacks, I have decided that this is actually a pretty awesome trip, and have decided to act accordingly.

Dubai, here I come.

3. I’ve been getting myself to the gym on a more consistent basis this week, which I’m hoping is the start of a good habit. I’m also hoping I don’t injure something with my attempt at swinging weights as if they’re bells.

You gotta start somewhere.

4. This weekend is supposed to beautiful, which means that maybe, just maybe, it’s actually spring. It also means grilling, playground-ing, and ditching our coats.

I’m not holding my breath, but I am excited to get out into the sunshine. I wore a dress yesterday and noticed that my skin is essentially translucent at this point.

5. When I woke up this morning, Boo wasn’t in my bed. As a sometimes we co-sleep out of desperation but it’s the worst kind of parent, this was a great way to start the day.

And with that, chickens, Boo and I are headed out into the world. Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!

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five good things: the bandwidth edition

Morning, chickadees!

And my apologies for a quiet (on here, anyway) week. We’ve been having some sort of bizarre internet issues in which I can’t connect all six hundred of our devices to the wireless network at once.

Thus the radio silence.

Anyway, since it’s too hard to recap everything, I’ll just recap the good things, and then we don’t have to dwell on the fact that my Sperrys are covered in mud from rainy puddles and that this was the week Theo finally rolled off of our bed and smacked his face on the floor.

Forget you read any of that.

Onto the good things!

1. While I was forced to watch Duke win another national championship (not a good thing), I also had the pleasure of watching the UConn women win their 10th championship game and 3rd title in a row Tuesday night. I’ve been watching these ladies since the early 90s, because my uncle was a basketball coach and I believed that girls could do anything boys could do (better), and so my interests really wrapped up nicely into my basketball obsession. My uncle bought me tickets for Christmas once, and it was pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me. This game was the 20th anniversary of when the Lady Huskies went 35-0, and while that makes me feel pretty old, I also feel pretty proud that I’ve been into them so long.

2. Yesterday during the commute the rain was coming down in sheets, and I was obviously displeased because this meant crazy hair and wet shoes. I scooped up Theo, opened my umbrella, and stomped out of my house. Just as I was working up to my greatest level of scowl, I heard my crazy little baby start cackling. Apparently the sound of the rain on the umbrella was the funniest, coolest thing ever.

You guys, we pay attention to the wrong stuff.

3. Although the weather has been rainy, it feels like we’re on the precipice of a real warm up, and I cannot complain about that. We’re all ready for spring over here, chickens.

4. Last weekend my little family drove to Michigan for the weekend, where we spent tons of time hanging out with family, watching Sam and Theo play, and eating delicious meals. I took a long walk by the lake and all in all, it was really just the thing after a few very full and frenzied months.


5. My bff  JC sent this to me and while I have yet to actually comment to her how funny it is, I can definitely leave it here with you fine people.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it- and the weekend!

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five.good.things: cross country edition

Morning, chickadees!

I am so very sorry for what turned into a week-long break in recounting my antics, but trust me; it wasn’t because I wasn’t up to any. In fact, since we last spoke I have been in Nashville, Chicago, Denver, and New York City, so instead of recapping everything I’ve been up to, I’m gonna do it five.good.things style, because it just seems like the better thing to do.

  1. When I was in Nashville celebrating MC’s impending marriage, we decided to try out skeet shooting, which was one of the most fun activities I’ve tried in a while. And while I was by no means some sort of expert (or even amateur) shooter, I did manage to hit a few clay discs, laugh with my pals, and meet an instructor named Ron who might be my spirit animal. He was able to provide me with such pieces of life advice as Don’t be afraid to pull the trigger, If it doesn’t work one way, you’ve gotta try another, and Don’t think about it too much, just do it. I love nothing more than combining sport and life lessons, chickens, so this was perfect.


  1. I’ve been traveling around with my boss, who aside from being a good person to work with, is also pretty much the most chill travel companion, which makes every work trip both productive and fun. I think having fun while you work makes everything else easier, so I’m glad I spent the last four days criss-crossing the country with someone who obliges my demands for neurotic flying habits and pizza dinners in between meetings.
  2. I was able to hit up NYC on this round of traveling, which just happens to be where some of my very favorite volunteers live. It’s always good to catch up with the kind of people who you met because of work but are so very glad your not-so-similar lives collided. Here’s to catch-up breakfasts, trading funny stories, and 8-year-olds on loan when you’re missing your own little guy.
  3. It’s already Friday, which means doubling down so I can catch up on e-mail and projects and then heading straight into what I’m fairly certain is going to be the best weekend ever, because I get to spend it at home.
  4. Always my very best thing: coming home to these two and not having to leave their sight for very long for the next 1.5 weeks. Man, you’re a lucky girl when you’ve always got these guys waiting for you on the other side.


Enjoy this one, chickens, and I promise to get back to it on the regular now that I’m Chicago-bound.

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