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guest spot

Hey chickadees!

The sun is shining and this week is busy…whew.

I’ve got a guest post spot over on GMS today, so check out my recipe for chicken harissa here (spoiler alert: it’s my favorite meal, ever) and also an adorable picture of Boo, because, why not?

In other very short news: After dropping Boo at daycare today, Alma let me know he spoke his first Spanish word today. It was “hola” and I find that to be awesome.

Toddlers are the best, you guys.

And with that, I’m off to hit the rest of this day.

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Check me out!

Chickens, I’m running late this morning (afternoon!)

I’ve got no thoughts of my own today, except for wondering if Boo’s nose will ever stop running (probably nothing) and is it Friday yet, already? However, I am guest blogging on Jennie’s blog today, so if you’ve got a minute and are interested, check me out. Ky and I cooked up some spring vegetable hash last weekend, and then it snowed and Ruined Everything.

Welcome, Spring.

Nikki posting over here

Enjoy this one!

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Guest spots

I’m running a bit slow on this cold morning, but in the absence of anything more interesting to say, here’s a guest post on my sister’s blog this morning. It’s about making delicious Vietnamese pork sandwiches, and you guys, these were amazing. Make them as soon as possible. Check it out yourself:

Banh-mi, the Bomb

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moving closer in that direction.

We had a big weekend over here, chickadees.

Since the weather crept above freezing, I made trips to both yoga and kettlebells, where I realized I’m going to have to start kicking up pretty hard if I want to make it into a headstand at this point.

I’m having a center of gravity thing. It’s cool though.

Saturday, my mom and my bffs threw me (and JW and BW) a lovely baby shower, complete with all my favorite ladies and snacks.

Snacks are pretty important.



JC and Ky noted that while they both wore elements of blue in their outfits in tribute to our baby boy, they could not bring themselves to wear pastels and they hoped that was all right.

This statement is exactly the reason they are my best friends.

I would also like to point out to you that at this juncture, I am still rocking ankles, which is more than I can say for one of my RA flare ups.

It’s good to keep the positive in mind.

Our family from Michigan rolled in for the weekend, which made it even more fun, and among the beautiful things they showed up with, they gave me a blanket that Tobin decided needed trying out.



I think he’s slightly more on board with the baby than he was at this time last week, but I also think there’s a strong possibility that he now thinks my nephew Sam, also a shower guest, is the baby we keep promising him.

We’ll get it sorted out in the next six weeks, I’m hoping.

In any case, I’m now blogging from a room that was formerly known as my office, but is now essentially a baby warehouse. This little guy is obviously already loved, judging from the beautiful cards everyone wrote and the 8129 baby clothes and accessories that are piled around me.

Looks like we’re almost ready for you, buddy.

Feel free to hang out a few more weeks though- there appears to be a lot of assembly required around here.

Enjoy this one, chickens!



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getting there is half the battle.

Yesterday, chickadees, was a little bit brutal in the commute.

Post a long wait at the brown line station, I squeezed myself onto a crowded car in front of a woman who was fairly hostile about the fact that it’s winter in Chicago.

Join the club, lady.

I spent the first half of the ride with her sighing into my hair, as I wondered to myself what my chances of survival were if I slipped underneath the masses of People Who are Taller than Me.

No one can tell you’re eight months pregnant when you’re covered in 248 layers on a train, chickens, so it’s sometimes best to just stay very still and hunt for openings.

Luckily, I’ve gotten really good at throwing myself into any available seat, which is precisely what I did ten minutes later.

Was there maybe someone else who was trying to get their first? Probably.

But man, if you can’t beat an overly-layered pregnant girl into a seat, you’ve got speed work to do.


After making it to the office, where I was again among the living, I spent the day getting things done and then headed home to warm up, watch basketball, and try my hand at this Bon Appetit recipe. It was a crowd pleaser (and by crowd, I refer to JW, me, and our unborn child who doesn’t technically have a say but agrees with us anyway), and I’m definitely making this one again. It falls into the category of super-easy-but-impressive-looking (my favorite).



And now, here I am, half way to the weekend (sort of), and ready to tackle the outside, now that the temperature has risen above zero.

Ever so slightly.

Enjoy this one, chickens!

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keeping it full.

Morning chickens!

It’s been a crazy couple of days over here- I’ve got family in town (or in transit to be in town), meetings that insist I attend them, a husband who’s studying up a storm, and friends to meet up with and celebrate.

Also, I’m still in the business of child-growing over here, which requires some level of energy.

Baby W is keeping up, though. He’s a man about town.

As long as I get him home by ten.

Up today: I clean my house for my annual Friendsgiving tomorrow, brine a turkey (you guys, I make this every year. It sounds odd but it’s the most delicious turkey I’ve ever conquered) within an inch of its life, hit up yoga for an hour of getting zen and breathing deeply, and then spend some time in the city with my mom and grandma.

It’s a busy life over here, even on a day when I don’t have to head into the office.

I’d rather be running errands on this one, chickadees.

I hope everyone else is getting ready to enjoy the last weekend before the unleashing of the holiday season.

I’m just about ready to get festive over here, chicks.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, and happy Friday!



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strange dreams and the rest of the lineup

Last night/this morning, I had a dream that I missed my 9:00 am call because I showed up to work in track pants and a see through shirt.

Apparently this seemed like a great idea at my house, but caused me to spend my morning at the Gap looking for clothes that were actually work appropriate.

My dreams are bizarre, you guys.

Anyway, I’m keeping this short (and also, to be clear, I don’t even own any track pants to be rocking) so I don’t actually miss that call.

Last night, CJ, LM, and I spent the evening eating pizza (artfully created by JW, who seemed to be wary that, if left to my own devices, things would go awry), and gabbing.

It’s nice to spend time hanging out on couches instead of in cubes.

That’s good advice to us all.

Up today, I continue to panic needlessly about my rapidly upcoming, fifteen day trip, I struggle through hump day (although honestly, I need every second I can get until I leave), and then head over to spend some time with my baby nephew S tonight (and his parents, of course).



S is both Nikki and Tobin approved, which means he’s pretty much the greatest.

But you guys probably already knew that.

Enjoy this one, chickens- it’s a beautiful day.

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