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five good things: here i am! edition

Okay guys, I know, I know, I know.

It’s so hard for me to be consistent because life is just not consistent around here, but I miss this little corner of the world, and if you’ve given up all hope on me, I forgive you and will just treat this as my diary going forward.

I’ll assume you’ve moved on, and I’m cool with it.

Spoiler alert though: I have not moved on, I am right here, and I have finally stopped spinning.

For a minute.

So here are five good things I’d like to share, in an attempt to get back into it.

  1. In the past month, I have been in Florida, Washington, D.C., Texas, Connecticut, New Jersey, and probably a couple other places that I’m forgetting. Some of it has been fun (i.e. pizza with my entire family, getting to spend some time with my grandparents, going to the beach) and some of it has been boring (for instance, touring the 87th hotel guest room and not really knowing what to say about it except, Nice!), but the good news is, until October, I am only going to be here. Here’s to an easy routine, lots of Boo and JW time, and a break from the airport.
  2. Last week I was in CT with JW and Boo watching one of my oldest and best friends get married. There are certain points at which you look at your life so far and think, man, how did I get so lucky? and this was one of them. Here’s to the friends who were 12 with you and still manage to really get you, chickens.


  3. I also got to spend some time in NYC this past week, and enjoyed traipsing around with my buddy KC, sitting on rooftops, eating pizza,stealing cutlery, and seeing the sights with a pal. Also visiting two of my favorite little (not so little- 14 is apparently the age of overtaking me in height) guys from NJ and being expressly taught the importance of watching Pretty Little Liars as fast as possible. I’m working on it, I promise.
  4. Also during my trip to CT: Ky and I took Boo to the ocean, and begrudgingly, he let us take him in. It was at that point that he started cackling, shoveling his little paws into the water, and licking them, because he’s never been in salt water before. No matter what shenanigans he pulls in the next 18-25 years, that memory will make me laugh until the end of time.


  5. We’ve got a long weekend coming up here in my very own city, which means getting organized, reading all my library books (I just finished Me Before You and cried on the plane, and now I’m into In the Woodsand my list is still a mile long), getting outside, eating at ridiculous festivals, and going to BBQs. I can’t think of a better way to prep for the next season we’ve got coming up.

And with that, chickadees, I’m back. I mean, I think I’m back. I promise to work on being back. It’s better than nothing, right?

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!

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guest spot

Hey chickadees!

The sun is shining and this week is busy…whew.

I’ve got a guest post spot over on GMS today, so check out my recipe for chicken harissa here (spoiler alert: it’s my favorite meal, ever) and also an adorable picture of Boo, because, why not?

In other very short news: After dropping Boo at daycare today, Alma let me know he spoke his first Spanish word today. It was “hola” and I find that to be awesome.

Toddlers are the best, you guys.

And with that, I’m off to hit the rest of this day.

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fitting it all in.

Morning, chickens!

I’m hoping this gray sky clears up a little bit, but after a full to the brim weekend of friends, family, and finally, finally, finally drinks on the deck, I will not let a few clouds get the best of me.

Theo’s choosing to snooze through the early weather, another reason he’s wiser than I am.

This weekend we packed up all of Theo’s newborn clothes, which no longer fit, leading to me being emotional and leading JW to try and sneak attack throw out anything he deems excess (which, chickens, is pretty much everything- apparently he thinks any subsequent children we have should be in the nude). Luckily, because T is a little on the peanut-y size, we had 10 long (short- they felt so short) weeks in his tiny little newborn things before putting them in the basement.

How does this happen so fast?

Don’t answer that.

Also this weekend: my mother had a large bounty of carrots (is that a bag of sausages? Ky asked- the carrots were a little short and fat), so JW and I decided to make some carrot oat muffins.

These are fairly delicious.

There was, however, a miscommunication at some point, which led to JW trying to shove 24 muffins worth of muffin batter into one 12-muffin tray.

Something seems wrong here, he noted, while throwing the muffin mix into the tray like it was a loaf pan.

After scooping out the batter and spreading it out appropriately, we were in business.

And were also laughing.

The best kind of baking results.

After my first breakfast treat this morning, my verdict is that they’re delicious- we added golden raisins, which was an improvement, but I think we could have cut the sugar somewhere- they still taste a little too much like dessert for something so carrot-and-oat-y.

And with that, I’m off to up my caffeine, confront Theo’s growing collection of 3-month-old (read: man-sized) outfits, and get to the start of our day.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!

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Auld lang syne

There was a thunderstorm in the Second City last night, in December.

Now if that’s not a dramatic way to wind down 2010, I don’t know what is.

Well played, weather.

Anyway, this was a serious year my friends.

JD & CC got married. So did one of my favorite cousins.

I did a triathlon and did not die.

JW & I got engaged (by the way, I hate the phrase “got engaged.” Please send suggestions).

Ky and I cooked. And we cooked. And we made the boeuf.

In the interest of not being entirely obnoxious (although, as you know, I’m not above it), I won’t link to every last item I’ve seen or accomplished (or failed at, since that’s always a thing too) this year.

But it was a good year.

Really though, if we’re gonna be serious, most of them are.

Which makes me one lucky chickadee.

Or one overly optimistic one, anyway.

Either works for me.

2010 was a good year for me. I read a lot of books, went on vacation, spent time with people who make me laugh my head off, and completed a physical challenge that made me realize that, yes, I am so stubborn that I can do pretty much anything I decide I’m going to do.

Some may see this as dangerous.

I see it as encouraging.

Up in the new year? Getting married (P.S., bought the dress yesterday- we’ll touch on that in 2011), reading some more books, laughing at least as much as I did in 2010,  writing something apart from my blog (and no, I don’t really know what that means yet) and trying to decide what eating a “reasonable” amount of butter is.

Which probably also means picking myself up and getting back into some kind of race.

We’ll talk about that another day.

In any case, I hope everyone else’s year is rung in safely and with lots of fun and champagne.

Chicks, I’ll see you next year!




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Take two.

We did the shopping for the wedding dresses.

I did not die.

Or break anything.

Or ruin any dresses.

Or sweat too much.

Or eat at any chain restaurants (although I was in the suburbs, mecca of chain restaurants)

I even liked a few selections, so I’ll be back.

If I live through the triple threat of appointments I have scheduled for today.

I literally dove into more than a dozen dresses (with only about a third that made me look like a cupcake), and paraded around in front of giant mirrors which were both awesome and frightening at the same time.

Is it necessary to view yourself in so many angles?

I guess in this situation, the answer is probably.

Also for today: working on my reaction when someone nicely says “Congratulations! How exciting!”

I think I’ve been wincing.

Because of the stress and the sweating, not because of the lack of excitement.

I believe there’s room for improvement here.

Post dress extravangza, my family went to Costco, bought some goods in bulk, and came home to eat dinner.

And flipped through some more magazines.

And binged on Modern Family.

Which is seriously the funniest show ever.

Now, I’m off to do it all again.

Wish me luck, times two.


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It’s a nice day for a white wedding

I completed my one day of work this week in a whirlwind fashion, crossing things off my list and clearing paper from my desk as fast as I could.

Then I put on my out of office, round 2, and had my sister pick me up curbside.

That’s the life.

Last night JW whipped up this delicious recipe for my family while we sat around the table flipping through bridal magazines and discussed the kind of dresses I might want to try on today.

I think I’ve got a general idea, which is a marked improvement, since prior to last night when someone asked me what kind of dress my response was:

“A white one. With straps I think. But maybe not.”

I feel like this would not be the ideal conversation to have with a bridal consultant.

It probably wouldn’t narrow things down, anyway.

In any case, I’m about to get myself ready to pack my family into the car, head to the suburbs, and brave fluorescent lighting, strip malls, and potentially frightening women attempting to sell me dresses which may or may not make me look like a pastry.


For instance, this tulle is wider than I am tall.

I do it in the name of love.

And because I keep having dreams that I forget a wedding dress, and then have nothing to get married in.

This seems like not a good plan.

But like something that could happen to a girl like me.

And so I’m off.

I’ll catch you chicks on the other side with an update.


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Back at it

And back to my cubicle.

But just for the day, so I promise not to complain.

JW and I took off yesterday for Chicago in the afternoon, only to take a detour about an hour later.

We’re in the money?

Not really, but there is nothing like playing a couple slot machines to ease the stress of a morning full of wedding planning.

The casino’s right off the highway, and we watched it being built over the past few years- now that it was complete, we needed to try it out.

And I can only say no to JW so many times before actually realizing that a little roadside gambling might not be the worst thing.

And it wasn’t.

Anyway, we came out fairly even, which was good, because it meant we had money for gas station snacks and sodas.

Imperative to the ride.

When we got home, we stopped at Whole Foods and grabbed the two largest salads I’ve laid eyes on.

The lack of vegetables in the past week’s festivities was a bit alarming.

I think we started to make up for it.

But I’m making pasta tonight.

My shirt still buttoned this morning, so I’m taking that as a sign that everything is going to turn out okay.

For now though, I’m headed for a day in my cubicle, tying up some loose ends and remembering what my office looks like.

Hope everyone’s still relaxing!


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On the road again.

Today is the day in which I finally pick up the clothes all over my mom’s guest room floor and do some laundry.

And pack up all of the nice gifts I received.

And sprint ahead of my family to Chicago to clean things up in time of their arrival, tomorrow.

Yes, the Palluzzis are simply relocating to the city for a few days.

We’re gonna see if there is even one wedding dress suitable for someone who has just eaten her way through Christmas.

Probably through the next three Christmases, if we’re being honest here.

Anyway, I can’t be the first person to overindulge to such a ridiculous degree.


Also, a few notes on yesterday:

We were interrogated at the Canadian border.

JW’s passport picture is a decade old.

“Who’s Jonathan?” a very straight laced, no nonsense law enforcement man asked.

I pointed right to him.

No sense in trying to protect anyone.

Despite the fact that the person in the passport picture looks like he could be JW’s son, the man let us go with a raised eyebrow.

Not before asking what we all did for work.

By “we all,” I mean everyone besides me.

I think I was taken for a child.

Anyway, once we made it to Canada, things got better, and we snacked and opened more gifts and played Wii and generally made merriment except everyone still kept laughing and calling me a child.

It’s a good thing I have a sense of humor.

And now, I’m off to spend the morning picking up, packing in, eating at least one more unnecessary meal, and getting myself back to the Windy City before night.

One more thing…DA BEARS! :)


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On the second day of Christmas.

You guys.

The endless amount of food in my parents’ house is taking me down.

I don’t think I’ve resisted one Christmas cookie or leftover  fried shrimp I’ve laid eyes on.

Can you blame me though, really?

Wedding dress shopping the week after the holiday will prove to be interesting, I’m sure.

Anyway, yesterday was lovely, involving sausage-and-cheese egg casserole, leftover seafood from the night before, drinking all the red wine we could get our paws on, opening gifts (and now actually owning this. Take that CPL, and your endless “in transit” status!), and watching Despicable Me, which was a funny way to end our holiday evening.

Then I put myself to bed and slept like I’ve never slept before.

Today’s another crazy day, visiting family friends for brunch, trekking to Canada to visit with JW’s sister and her husband, and then back home for another cinematic DVD while snacking on whatever is left (which is still a LOT) and listening to my dad attempt to snore and watch the movie at the same time.

He’s very talented.

I hope everyone else’s holiday was equally as fulfilling and that we are all grateful that today is only Sunday.

Also, in case I am at brunch/in transit:

Go Bears!

Technically, I know that you don’t need to win this one, but maybe do it anyway as a Christmas gift to me?

And the city of Chicago?

Now get out there and make me proud!

Good talk.

Have a good Boxing Day, chickadees!


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Merry Christmas baby

Christmas day.


In my family, that actually just means opening gifts, eating a breakfast casserole, and laying around.

The big show was last night, you see.

Production line of de-tailing and de-veining the 10 lbs of shrimp

Time for the Granpappy's unveiling!

My favorite part: clams and mussels!

Crab, squid, and lobster sauce. Delicious.

These are the Christmas rolls.

This is the Christmas dog, who ate 12 of the Christmas rolls.

All in all, a good time was had by all.

Except Bailey, once she was caught with the dozen Christmas rolls in her mouth.

And now I’m off to open some gifts (all of which have been returned to their rightly place under the tree) and listen to some holiday tunes.

Merry Christmas, everyone!



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