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a new heart for a new year, always.

I’m a little late this morning, chickens.

But alas, I’m still showing up, and I think that’s more than half the battle.

Welcome to the last day of 2013.

This has been, for me, a pretty full-up kind of year. Some years are the kind when you know, you feel like nothing really happens that’s earth shattering, but you know there’s been some shifting.

And then, there are years when everything 12 months ago looks different than it does now.

I’m leaning toward that kind of a 2013.

And I’m not complaining about it at all.

This was a year that I headed out to spend good times with my best pals, had every bit of fun I could get my hands on, house hunted, condo purchased, work traveled, and headed home to find out that lots of things were about to change.

I had a new baby nephew, watched my pals V&J add a beautiful baby girl to their family,  went to one million concerts, got to see almost every single person in my big, beautiful family, laughed my head off, learned that ignoring RA and hoping for the best was not a treatment plan, learned that pregnancy is a temporary one, which has been an awesome side effect, and started to get ready for the next big adventure JW and I have on our hands.

You can see for yourself, it was a good year.

But then, I’m a firm believer that if you look hard enough, most of them are.

I don’t have any resolutions for 2014 yet: I’m better at making it up as I go. My plans usually stay the same from year to year: be healthy, even when it’s not perfect. Be happy, even when it’s not easy. Read more books, laugh as much as you can, cry when you need to, and work as hard as you can to come out the other end loving the same people you loved when you started the year.

2014’s gonna be another big one, chickadees, but if you think about it, they all really are. Enjoy the sunshine, and this last day before the start of something new.


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back to you now.

Morning, chickens!

It came to my attention last night on my drive home from Michigan (by way of my pal Ky) that I hadn’t blogged in well over a week, so I thought I’d take a break from my not-quite-started weekend to fill you in on what’s been going on around here during the holiday season.

My sister came into town, which means lots of movie watching, recipe cooking, and pinochle playing.

And eating of the seven fishes, of course.

Sadly, J took off for New Hampshire in what felt like not enough time, but un-sadly, JW and I took it as an opportunity to head to Michigan for the weekend, in effect getting to see both of our families in one tightly packed week.

This is also meant I got to spend some quality time with this little guy.



What’s a better Christmas gift then that?

I have three remaining days until 2014 insists that I get back to the normal course of things, and so I plan on cashing in on a massage JW was kind enough to procure me for Christmas, watching the remaining Godfather movies (don’t ask, it’s just something I feel like doing), and figuring out how to sustain myself on more vegetables and less carbs.

So many carbs this week, chickadees. I’m sure you can relate. My joints hate me and I’m not sure this baby bump is all baby at this point in my little vacation.

Here’s to a full, relaxing last few days of this year, chicks. Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!

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a few observations on the last day in it.

Morning, chickens!

This Friday morning marks my last work day in 2013, which is certainly a cause to celebrate.

Read: I can’t wait to bust out of the office today.

I’ve been busting around the internet all week, since it’s something I can do comfortably from my couch (I need a lot of couch time right now, chickadees: this baby allegedly weighs the same amount as a coconut, which means that sometimes I’m tired from hauling the coconut around all day), and I have found yet another ridiculous, disturbing story I feel the need to comment on.

I know this means I’m giving attention to something not worth it, but man, you guys, some things make you really scratch your head.

I’m talking about the crazy comments the Duck Dynasty guy (note: I’ve never seen this show, so I don’t know anything about these people) made in GQ that got him suspended from his reality show.

The comments were ridiculous–that part seems simple enough to me. Hateful, obviously. The part though, that’s really making me laugh/cry for humanity is the part where people are actually defending this guy and getting mad at A&E for suspending him.


We’re serious?

I keep hearing all these cries about your rights to free speech and how this is some kind of war on Christians.

Let’s back it up for a second.

First of all, yes, everyone has a right to free speech. I can say whatever I want, and thank God (or Buddha, or just society), because I think that’s a top notch right.

However, as an adult operating within the bounds of American society, I also know that what I say could have consequences. Not legal ones, because again, I have a right to say what I want, but man, that doesn’t mean I get to keep my friends or my reputation or my job if I go around saying things that offend whole segments of society and common sensibility.

I thought everyone got that. I thought it was actually pretty self explanatory.

Maybe not if you’re Sarah Palin.

Further, I would like to mention that being Christian is not compatible with being judgmental or hateful. I know that’s not what we’re seeing out there in practice a lot of the time, but it doesn’t mean it’s not the truth.

So yeah, dude, you can call yourself an opinionated Christian, but mostly, you just turned out to be a bigot with a big mouth and no more reality show.

And what kind of person are you if you want to defend that guy? Defend his right to have a crazy, hateful, backward opinion if you want, but don’t defend his right to say it and be looked at or treated the same way as he was before he said it.

I’ll climb down off my soapbox now.

It’s the holiday season, chickens. Let’s focus on all the things we like about each other instead.

Enjoy this one.


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so this is christmas…almost.

Chickens, I have never been so excited to see Thursday before.

Mostly because it means Friday’s almost here for us.

Which means 12 days of no work for me.

The 12 days of Christmas, if you will.

Which I intend on spending in any number of ways that has nothing to do with cubicles, project management, or conference calls.

It’s a wonderful life, is what I think about that set of circumstances.

My baby sister rolls into town tomorrow night for almost a week, which is also great news. This means several days of Palluzzi-togetherness, coupled with someone to boss me into getting ready for this child we’re about to have.

There’s nothing like a bossy baby sister to help you get it together.

Check in with me next week to see if I’m still feeling that way.

Up tonight: one more evening avoiding yoga class (I promise, Baby W, we’ll get back there tomorrow night), dinner with JW that neither of us is cooking, and trudging through a couple more meetings.

Piece of cake, chickadees. I’m skating right through until the holiday.

Enjoy this one, and stay warm!

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and we’re right back here again.

Morning, chickens!

We’ve hit the halfway point of the week- that was fast.

I think that was fast, anyway.

Up today: several million meetings followed by the company holiday party, which will obviously be a very tame event for me this year.

In fact, I think that wrestling myself into a pair of maternity tights (tights with a panel are weird, you guys), might be the most exciting part of my holiday party experience, and luckily, I’ve already gotten that over with for the morning.

Quick tip: Should you ever find yourself in need of donning a pair of maternity tights, you should get them on in the privacy of your own room, with the door closed, with no other humans even present in your home, lest they come in by accident and witness something they can’t un-see.

Yes, I’d say it was that bad.

But I’ve always been uncoordinated, so maybe it was just me.

In any case, in years past the holiday party has consisted of several after events, all culminating in a nice, boozy cab ride home with my pals.

We’ve been doing this since that was an acceptable practice in our lives.

At age not-quite-thirty, I would argue that it still technically is.

Please see above for examples of our youthful trips to the Hangge Uppe, and JK’s name tag, still affixed at the bar, just in case we made some new friends. Also, a picture of CJ at her tannest ever for the Chicago winter.

Despite the fact that I will not be drinking my usual handful of white wines before switching to well vodka and dancing in 2013, I am looking forward to an early exit from the office and a chance to stop and chat before everyone scatters to their respective corners of the Midwest next week.

And with that, I’m off to get this party started.

Enjoy this one, chickens!


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lazy weekends and fast starts.

Morning, chickadees!

Yesterday was  a rude awakening to a week of the commute after a weekend in which JW and I watched approximately a dozen movies, cleaned out one baby room, and hunkered down in our living room to just.do.nothing.

It was a lovely life, but unfortunately, not sustainable for more than 24 hours.

I also dragged myself through a snowstorm to bells, where G let me know he was disappointed that I haven’t seemed to get any bigger over the past two weeks.

Not knowing exactly how to take that, I just swung my bell and laughed a little.

I’m roughly the size of a baby rhino at this point, in case you were wondering.

Yesterday, despite being a Monday, was fairly exciting for two specific reasons.

I got to take a photo with the Olympic torch:



A little blurry, but you get the idea. I love worldwide competition and global goodwill, so this was obviously a highlight of the month for me.

Please note, my unborn child is so large that my stomach is protruding through that torch cut out.

Also yesterday: The Lions, who I usually would be cheering for, but in the rough world of statistics and me loving the Bears most was not, could not quite pull it out against the Ravens, which means that my team continues to have a shot.

Don’t blow it, you guys. It’s the holiday season.

And with that, I’m ready to hit up Tuesday- I’ve got a long, long break waiting for me at the end of this one, and I can’t wait to get started.

Stay warm, chickadees!

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laying low

Morning, chickadees!

I meant to sleep in today, but it didn’t happen, so I’m planning out a list of items I can complete from my home so that I can be productive without putting on my boots.

I break only for yoga and food, in this scenario.

With one more week to go before the holidays are truly, 100% upon us, my plan is to keep my condo clean, watch JW finish wrapping presents (you guys, I’m the worst at that), and try and get to yoga and bells enough times so that Baby W’s brain continues to super-develop.

Also enough times so I don’t get restless and cranky.

This weekend I have pretty much zero plans except to attempt to photo hunt snowy owls with my mom tomorrow.

It’s exactly the kind of weekend I could use.

Pregnancy is turning out to be kind of like hibernation, chickens, in case you were wondering. With ten weeks to go, I can’t think of many things I’d rather do than hang out on my couch and stare at my Christmas tree.

I worry this is making me boring, but I figure the time for excitement isn’t too far off here.

And with that, I’m off to find some breakfast and put my feet up for the next few hours- enjoy this one chickadees- the weekend’s so close I can taste it!

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taking the tour and marching through the week

Morning, chickens!

I’m dreading the thought of heading out in this one, since my phone is telling me I’m about to deal with sub zero temperatures.

The kind of day that would maybe be better spent inside.

Alas, it’s the last one of the week for me, so I’ll suck it up, hope my coat stays snapped up (things are getting a little precarious when it comes to my coat and it fitting around all parts of me, you guys) and trudge into the office.

If we can all get that done, I think it counts as the day’s chief accomplishment.

Until the commute home, anyway.

Yesterday, JW and I checked out the hospital where Baby W will be making his grand entrance. This meant a nice, early day for both of us, and a tour through where I’ll be making all my stops in February.

My dad’s a nurse, and has pretty much always worked in a hospital, so hospitals don’t freak me out. I actually really like them. I know people (read: my husband) find this to be really odd, but I like hearing about how the leaf motif is meant to bring the outside in, and I also like knowing all the ins and outs of the floors before getting there. I like the hustle and bustle of people taking care of other people.

Mostly I like the fact that you can order food 24 hours a day. Let’s stick to the important stuff.

Once we finished up and JW vetoed my plan to wait until the last minute to head into the hospital so as to avoid time in triage (just like the airport, I mused. I don’t like spending any time waiting around. JW noted that he’d prefer if the Northwestern doormen not be the ones to deliver the little guy. We’ll compromise, I guess), we headed home before sundown, wrapped presents (well, JW wrapped presents. I watched.), watched movies, and drank hot chocolate.

Not a better way to get through the middle of the week, chickens.

Stay warm out there today- we’re so close to the weekend.


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a new boss in town.

Happy hump day, chickens!

Despite the fact that the snow just keeps coming, I’m feeling good about the fact that I’ve got a half-ish day in front of me, one more commute in tomorrow, and then a day to spend tree-gazing, yoga-posing, and non-public transporting.

Those are the main things that make me happy at this juncture.

Yesterday I took a trip to my RA doctor’s office, where she confirmed that all my joints look fairly normal, and that basically, I have Baby W to thank.

RA is an autoimmune disease, which basically means that my body is in a constant state of trying to fight off cells that are actually very healthy, thus all the inflammation.

When a new baby first starts growing, he sends out a signal to your body reminding it that he’s not actually a disease, but a visitor for the next nine months who’d appreciate an accommodating womb. So my fighting-obsessed immune system has taken a break.

Basically, he’s the boss of me for now.

I’ll allow it, since he’s accomplishing more with his demands than I do with all my stretches and natural remedies.

Also this week (today, actually): touring the hospital, which means this week’s third visit to Northwestern Hospital.

For someone who used to only show up at the doctor for a high school sports physical, I’ve become a frequent flyer.

This one sounds a little more enjoyable than joint strength tests and blood pressure cuffs though.

Stay warm, chickens, and enjoy this one!

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spilling into the week ahead.

Morning chickens!

We’ve already sailed past Monday.

This is an accomplishment, especially since it’s the kind of weather where leggings under work pants is an acceptable method of staying warm, and also, we’re getting really close to the holidays, which is making it very difficult for me to focus on getting.things.done.

This past weekend, we celebrated T’s 2nd birthday with cake, presents, and lots of sighing with disbelief about how big he is.

I also tried to slip in a couple more hints that his new baby friend is on his way soon, but T wasn’t having any of it.

“Tobin- is the baby coming soon?”


Hopefully, he’s more excited when the baby shows up. I’m thinking he’s maybe tired of waiting for the alleged baby to show up, and would rather just play with his new birthday presents.

Fair enough.

Also this weekend: the first real snow, which we’ll be tromping through for some time, due to the freezing cold temperatures out there, putting up our Christmas tree and finding a place for every chubby animal ornament I’ve acquired over the years, babysitting our nephew Sam, making close to 200 cookies with J&K (why was it so hard to make the sugar cookies last time, I wondered to the girls. We were drunk, J said matter-of-factly. Excellent point.), and caught Catching Fire with the teens on Sunday night.



It was a lovely weekend, despite being abbreviated due to a work meeting, which also ended up being sweet with a surprise shower over lunch, and lots of cute goodies for Baby W.

We capped off Monday with an easy doctor’s appointment and a big win over the Cowboys, and chickadees, I’m feeling ready to tackle the rest of this week.

Bundle up out there, and enjoy this one!

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