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keeping pace with myself.

Chickadees, I’ve been running.

Which means three days a week, I’m squeezing in 30 minutes on the treadmill during work hours.

I’ve been laughing to myself, thinking of all those 1.5 hours workouts before I had a nearly-toddler to feed and play with after leaving the office.

Despite the fact that I haven’t really been on a running schedule since, oh, the fall of 2012 when my joints decided they were no longer going to do what I asked, I’ve been a little hard on myself.

I’ve been hard on myself since I can remember. When I was in middle school I didn’t make the softball team despite the fact that every other person who tried out did, and even though I didn’t (and don’t, still) even like softball, I think that moment in time pushed me to maybe harder on myself than I maybe would have been otherwise.

Yes, it’s maybe a little crazy, but chickens, so am I. We all have random moments in time that frame up who we are.

Anyway, this has trickled up through soccer, yoga, running, kettlebells, races, and yesterday afternoon, as I found myself getting a little tired during one of my circuits, I started my “self motivation” talk, which is really anything but.

You’re lucky you can even run. Some people can’t run. Two years ago, you couldn’t run. Keep moving.

Then, all of a sudden (well, not all of a sudden, maybe after 26 months of yoga practice and a little life perspective), I thought to myself, you are doing this all wrong.


I’m not 13 any more. I don’t have the luxury of a body that works perfectly all the time, even though I am right in that I’m lucky it works as well as it does despite the fact that I wasn’t sure it ever would.

So I switched it up, and tried being a little kinder.

This is amazing. It is amazing that your muscles are all working. You had a baby this year. You have rogue joints. You’re still moving. Good work.

Guess which one kept me going when the going got tough.

We’re halfway through the first month of this year, chickens. Plenty of time left to learn to be nicer, especially to yourself.

Keep it easy!

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a new boss in town.

Happy hump day, chickens!

Despite the fact that the snow just keeps coming, I’m feeling good about the fact that I’ve got a half-ish day in front of me, one more commute in tomorrow, and then a day to spend tree-gazing, yoga-posing, and non-public transporting.

Those are the main things that make me happy at this juncture.

Yesterday I took a trip to my RA doctor’s office, where she confirmed that all my joints look fairly normal, and that basically, I have Baby W to thank.

RA is an autoimmune disease, which basically means that my body is in a constant state of trying to fight off cells that are actually very healthy, thus all the inflammation.

When a new baby first starts growing, he sends out a signal to your body reminding it that he’s not actually a disease, but a visitor for the next nine months who’d appreciate an accommodating womb. So my fighting-obsessed immune system has taken a break.

Basically, he’s the boss of me for now.

I’ll allow it, since he’s accomplishing more with his demands than I do with all my stretches and natural remedies.

Also this week (today, actually): touring the hospital, which means this week’s third visit to Northwestern Hospital.

For someone who used to only show up at the doctor for a high school sports physical, I’ve become a frequent flyer.

This one sounds a little more enjoyable than joint strength tests and blood pressure cuffs though.

Stay warm, chickens, and enjoy this one!

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working through this one.

Ok chickadees, we made it safely past Monday.


And now we’re onto a nearly-mid-September day that promises to be nearly 100 here in the Second City.

Why, Chicago?

Where was this when I was headed to the beach last month?

Not cool, you guys.

In addition, I woke up this morning with the sneaking suspicion that I am losing the battle I’m waging against a summer cold.

The office is just about as lethal as a daycare, I’m assuming, and I’ve literally watched this virus make its way around cubicle-land.

Water, vitamin C, and plenty of sleep are the only defenses I’ve got.

And they seem to be doing a lousy job.

I forced myself into bells last night, thinking that perhaps I could sweat it out of me, but that proved to be another useless move.

Now I’ve got a set of sore shoulders though, so at least I got something out of it, right?


In any case, while I slog through a sore throat and runny nose, I’ve also got a stop to make with my RA doc today, who seems to have noticed I forgot to make a check-in appointment, and thus, just took the liberty of scheduling it herself.

She’s sneaky, you guys, but I guess that’s a good sign.

In any case, this means I will now spend the late morning being poked, prodded, and having approximately one ton of blood drawn in an effort to figure out just why my RA doesn’t show up in my blood tests.

I wonder if at some point we can just settle on “who really cares” on my medical chart, and I can go about my business.

Something tells me that’s not how this works though.

And with that, I’m off. Enjoy this one, chickens!

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