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bearing way down.

Morning, chickens.

We made it out of Monday alive.

Serious accomplishments over here.

Last night, after struggling through a bout of kettlebells (maybe just do that one without the bell for now, Gene suggested, as I realized I couldn’t heave it over my head and bend over at the same time), I came home to watch Monday Night Football.

Bears vs. Packers.

No matchup that I like better.

Chicks, I’m known for perhaps getting a bit too into football. I’m the kind of person who blacks out in my excitement and ends up on top of the couch, screaming incoherent things at my favorite players before finally coming to and climbing back down.

I love football.

And I love the rivalry between Chicago and Green Bay so much that a couple years ago, JD and I were banned from stepping out into public for this particular game, after a near-fight with a couple of Packers fans who showed up to the bar where we were trying to enjoy the game.

In our defense, they were on our turf.

Last night, however, I noted yet another change based on my body’s current occupant.

I am sure, however, that this has nothing to do with Baby W’s love of football.

I’m sure he’s just tired from all the growing.

However, I spent most of the night silently cheering on the Bears from under a blanket on my couch.

There was no leaping to my feet.

I barely raised my voice.

When JW made it home for the end of the fourth quarter, I was blinking in and out of consciousness.

Despite the fact that the Packers had the ball and we had only a precarious lead of seven.

I assure you, these actions do not correlate with how much I wanted the Bears to win.

After two amazing sacks by our defense to end the game, I announced that I had to go to bed.

JW said it didn’t feel like a win without me climbing on top of the couch.

So I obliged him, despite the fact that I’m pretty sure I looked like a zombie up there.

It was the first time the Bears had taken down Green Bay in years though, chickadees, so maybe there’s something to be said for some softer celebration.

Enjoy the win, Second City.

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a quick break and a funny story.

Morning, chickens!

And just like that, we’ve made it back around.

It was a nice little weekend.

I used Friday night to nurse my cold, and by noon on Saturday, I was determined to get back to the land of the living.

It’s a much better place than my couch.

We spent some of Saturday hanging with T and his siblings, which meant running around the park for an hour and holding our breath the whole time because all he wants to do is climb and jump off things that seem Awfully High.

Luckily, T also understands the importance of safety.



Helmets, you guys.

Also this weekend: we spent time with V, J, and their beautiful daughter A, who is three months old, but so tall that I suspect she’ll overtake me by the time she’s two.

In addition, there was yoga, cooking, and a day of football in which the Bears pulled it out at the last second, so all of the screaming and obnoxious couch jumping I did obviously worked.

Right? That’s what pushed them over the edge, I’m pretty sure.

Also, a pretty hysterical conversation with my brother and father as I left, which remind me that they are the same exact person.

My mom was giving me some eggplant parm to go, and my father walked by and asked why she was using the particular container she had in her hand to me.

“I’m giving her the leftovers in this tupperware,” my mom explained.

“In that tupperware?! Don’t give her that- that’s so much more than tupperware.” At which point, he exited the scene mumbling and my mom and I looked at each other wondering why he was so attached to glass containers.

Enter MJ.

“Mom, why are you giving her that tupperware? That’s special- don’t give her that!”

More puzzled looks, as he exited the kitchen mumbling about how he needs a routine.

Which apparently glassware is now an integral part of in his life.

I’ll try my best not to harm the Palluzzi family heirlooms.

Enjoy this one chickadees, we’re right at the start of something.

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reading up and bearing down.

Morning, chicks!

And Happy Bears Day!

Or whatever team it is you cheer for.

Last night we went out, sans costumes, to celebrate Ky’s birthday.

It was serious fun.


Our plan was to feed the jukebox all our money and listen to our playlist for as long as we liked.

Except that some country music-loving patrons managed to step ahead of us and commandeer most of our awesome choices.

Luckily, Nicky Minaj still managed to make an appearance.

Otherwise, what kind of birthday party would it have been, really?


Up this morning: a pledge to take.it.easy for awhile, pulled pork bbq & fried chicken (in honor of the Bears’ opponent, the Carolina Panthers), and reading newspaper endorsements of President Obama.

Here’s the one that’s obviously closest to my heart (and my apartment, too), but I did enjoy The New York Times’ article just as well. My baby sister’s city also likes Obama for President.

And of course, an endorsement from my home state always makes me proud.

Listen, the election’s almost here, and I need sensible words from major newspapers to make me feel better about people who think that that pregnancy resulting from rape is a gift from God and also insist on making life miserable for new parents, just because they happen to be gay.

Hang with me chickadees, the end is in sight.

Until then, I have some more reading to do.





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not up for debate.

Ok, chickadees, I admit that I haven’t watched the debate yet, so I’ll hold my comments on that.

Probably not for long, though.

Nothing like listening to a debate from your desk- it makes me feel like I’m living in the 1940s, and I kind of like that.

You know, except for the ear buds and the computer the sound’s coming out of, I guess.

I’m not ruining this for myself yet.

In tandem with this election cycle, I’ve been reading a book about Winston Churchill and his lifetime relations with America.

We’re just getting to the good part (where the Allies win the war), and I must say, it’s giving me an extra shot of patriotism/political thirst during these last two weeks before things go down.

I know I’m a strange on chickens, but hang with me, if you can.

I do appreciate it.

In other news of things I did watch: the Bears, despite nearly losing Jay Cutler to a kung fu move by Suh (who for the record, is my nemesis. That guy wants one thing, and it’s to hurt other guys. Shudder), taking it home against Detroit.


Legal, maybe.

That doesn’t get him off my nemesis list.

Stay dry out there, chickens, and enjoy this one.


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You’re the pride and joy of Illinois

Happy Sunday, chickens!

Yesterday was an extraordinarily productive day, and I’m just about ready to place my belongings in a suitcase and take off for sunny California for a few days and then head to Orlando on Wednesday.

I may have a spreadsheet detailing my outfit options.

This is a long trip, pals. I can’t trust myself to pull together an undocumented ensemble.

In any case, I’m one nail appointment from being socially presentable, and then I can focus on what’s really important about today.

Which is that it’s the Bears’ opening game of the season.


There is nothing more beautiful about the fall (in my opinion, anyway), then the fresh start to a long season of football.

I have been known to get a little overly enthusiastic about a football game- generally I spend the duration of it jumping up and down, yelling things like “Run, you beautiful man!” and “Hester Hester HESTER!” while making wild arm movements.

Sometimes I black out due to excitement and find myself on top of the couch without really remembering how I managed to get up there.

I’m dedicated to the spirit of the game, chickadees.

And I’ll certainly be one happy lady today starting at around noon.

Bear down, Chicago- it’s almost kickoff time.

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The question is: what do we believe?

Ok, chickadees.

So I know not everyone likes when I take a political tilt here.

I get it- I’m more in demand when I’m making you laugh.

But over the next couple of months, it just might creep in here now and again.

Can’t help it.

Don’t want to, actually.

In any case, in my political mini-segment of the day, I’d like to tell you that among the many highlights of my DNC watching, Deval Patrick, the governor of Massachusetts, was my absolute favorite.

He’s smart, well-spoken, and he made me clap in my living room.

While JW just shook his head at me silently.

I love clapping.

So, in case you missed it, or in case you’re interested, check it out. This guy is gonna be someone, chickens.

You heard it here first.

In other news, aside from my obsessive Twitter-following of the convention over the next few days, I’m gearing up for football season.

There is nothing I love more than football.

Except maybe my family.

Probably some other stuff too.

But I like it a lot, chicks.

And I’m ready to gear up and bear down.

I love you, Hester (and the rest of you guys, too).

Who needs summer anyway? I’m thinking.

Remind me I said that in December.

Enjoy this one, everyone.


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full up.

All right chickens, I’ve been missing in action the past couple of days.

There was an adorable baby to meet.

And then there was a basketball game to watch with his big brother and a sleepover with my two favorite teenagers, which basically means watching movies and eating until everyone falls asleep on the couch.

It’s an art, I’d say.

And there was souffle to make.

It didn’t puff up as much as I think it should have, but it was still delicious. They’ll be more to come on this, when I write it up for my sister’s cooking blog tomorrow.

There was also a chocolate lab puppy to snuggle and family to hang with and football to depress me and soccer to play.

And of course, True Blood to watch because now I’m officially addicted and can’t stop myself.

What I’m saying is that the weekend was pretty full of good stuff.

And now I’m ready to head to my last full week of work of the year, which is really helping me to accept the fact that I’m going to have to go outside and can’t stay inside watching more True Blood all day.

There’s a chance I’ll get over this.

I have plans to run myself out of energy tonight on the treadmill, and then come home and get my Christmas Plan in order.

It’s only a couple weeks away, chickadees.

Have a lovely Monday!


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