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Home Again, Home Again…

Chicks, that was an intense four days. It was filled with sun, food, family, the loveliest wedding, more food, a road race with LE, a trip to the book barn, and then topped off with ice cream cones and a ride to the airport. I think it’s going to take a couple of days to get all my words around the past couple of days, so here are some pictures, to start it off.

We started the trip with fried clams and Sam's Summer...how else?

Waiting for the bride!

Wedding time!

Five seconds at the beach.

More to come, since Jeff took 802093 pictures, each of which I am grateful for, but I don’t have my paws on them yet.

Now I’m off to work, if I can remember how to get there.

Have a good one, chickadees!


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Leaving on a Jet Plane.

Chicks, I’ve gotta keep this short.

I’m off on a whirlwind, long weekend-y, work and play visit to the home state of CT this weekend.

JW will have the opportunity to meet all 825 of my relatives.

Wish us luck, friends.

I’m super excited though, for sun and beach and coast and every kind of food that I love so much and can’t get around here.

Fried clams? Yes, please.

New Haven style pizza? Don’t mind if I do.

Mostly, though, I’m excited to see my cousin M and her fiance A get married, because they are the kind of people who are so excited to get married that it completely counteracts the 8000 episodes of Bridezillas you’ve seen. These two are the real deal.

Also, there is dancing to be done, you see. And laughing. Probably crying too. Babies to squeeze, little brothers to YMCA with, cousins to tease (and be teased by) and explanations that yes, these are all my people, and yes, we are loud, and please, for the love of God, will you eat something?

Rinse and repeat. That’s my family. Wouldn’t trade ’em for all the fried clams and pizza in the world.

Have a good weekend, chicks–see you on my way back!


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Summer’s here…almost.

My post titles are always so…obvious. Oh well.

Tomorrow’s Friday and things are looking good for me, I’m excited for the weekend that stretches ahead of me.

This week I purchased tickets to Connecticut for a summer journey with K, KT, and J. I’m excited to get myself to the homeland, because despite my six year stint in the fabulous Midwestern town of Chicago, I’m just an East Coast, shore town girl at heart. It can’t be helped. If I had my way everything I owned would be Cape Cod Blue (which is really pretty gray) and I would have a lobster trap coffee table and starfish everywhere (I know, it’s frightening, but true).

I’m also looking forward to taking KT and J to the coast, because I like to mix up people, places, and timeframes in my life. I like a good mash up of who I am and where I’ve been. Plus, I love where they grow up, and I hope they love where I grow up too!

These are things I’m looking forward to during my trip:

1. Book Barn. I’ve been going to this place since it was just one single building. It has several buildings, cats, and millions of books now, and there is nothing better than stepping in, sampling free coffee and a donut hole and getting to the business of touching/smelling every book in the joint. I could do it for hours.

The original building

The original building

2. Lenny and Joe’s Fishtale. This place is so good. Oh man. I don’t know how to even properly explain it. They specialize in fried seafood, awesome fries, and a mean coleslaw. They also have picnic tables outside to sit at, and a carousel that I’ve never ridden. But really people, it’s mostly about the fried clams. And the sweet t-shirts that I am finally going to acquire this year.

They start you early on this stuff...

They start you early on this stuff...

3. Zuppardi’s Apizza I grew up on this stuff, since my grandma and grandpa lived down the street from it. This is the food of the gods, I’m not kidding you. You may think you’ve had pizza, but really, everything up until this has been a lie. I have never, in the ten years since I moved out of Connecticut, come to visit and not eaten this. It would be a tragedy. It’s the first place I’ll probably take my visitors for a large “mootz” and some delicious birch beer.

You have no idea what this pizza does to me.

You have no idea what this pizza does to me.

4. Rocky Neck State Park This is basically my favorite spot in the world. My mom used to take us every single day when we were kids, and I hated that she dragged us there, but now I would basically give one of my limbs to spend every day sitting at the beach listening to my boom box, reading Alice Hoffman, and eating sandy turkey sandwiches and handfuls of Jax. I vow to try and recreate this with my best friends this summer. If they’re lucky, I’ll try and take them crabbing, though it might be a little early for that.

What a great beach

What a great beach

5. Misquamicut Beach This one’s in Rhode Island, and it’s got a different vibe than Rocky Neck. It’s more crowded and touristy (just ask me about the time we lost Jennie there in the 80s–but not in front of my dad, it’s a sore spot for him), but the waves are great and the little shops everywhere crack me up. Rhode Island beaches always remind me of my childhood love and best friend Matt, so a trip to this beach brings back hysterical memories of trying to flirt and ride a boogie board at the same time. It’s not really possible, trust me.

Those waves are in prime boogie boarding shape

Those waves are in prime boogie boarding shape

It would be impossible for me to really name all of the things I love about my home state, because it’s hard to quantify all of them. I love the smell of the beach, the sand that gets all over everything, the sights and sounds of all things familiar, and really feeling like I’m home. I mean, I feel home almost everywhere, but as soon as I get across the state line, I feel comfortable. Like I just found my favorite sweatshirt. And someone just gave me a pizza. And James Taylor’s playing. And my family’s all yelling at me, but in a good way. That’s what Connecticut feels like to me, and I cannot wait to get back there in the summer.

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