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guest spot

Hey chickadees!

The sun is shining and this week is busy…whew.

I’ve got a guest post spot over on GMS today, so check out my recipe for chicken harissa here (spoiler alert: it’s my favorite meal, ever) and also an adorable picture of Boo, because, why not?

In other very short news: After dropping Boo at daycare today, Alma let me know he spoke his first Spanish word today. It was “hola” and I find that to be awesome.

Toddlers are the best, you guys.

And with that, I’m off to hit the rest of this day.

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constant laughter and spring dishes.

Theo’s learning where all the parts of his body are, by which I mean he’s grabbing his head a lot.

This morning’s most hysterical moment:

JW: I didn’t think this through.

Me: What?

JW: I gave peanut butter toast to Boo, and now he’s showing me where his head is.

There are things to laugh about every day, chickadees.


I’m over at Garlic, My Soul today, doing my monthly duties by posting about something delicious that I made spoiler alert: there are peas and mint and pasta and ricotta involved, so you want it).

Confession: I didn’t make anything.

But it was still delicious.

Check it out over here.

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Check me out!

Chickens, I’m running late this morning (afternoon!)

I’ve got no thoughts of my own today, except for wondering if Boo’s nose will ever stop running (probably nothing) and is it Friday yet, already? However, I am guest blogging on Jennie’s blog today, so if you’ve got a minute and are interested, check me out. Ky and I cooked up some spring vegetable hash last weekend, and then it snowed and Ruined Everything.

Welcome, Spring.

Nikki posting over here

Enjoy this one!

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Guest spots

I’m running a bit slow on this cold morning, but in the absence of anything more interesting to say, here’s a guest post on my sister’s blog this morning. It’s about making delicious Vietnamese pork sandwiches, and you guys, these were amazing. Make them as soon as possible. Check it out yourself:

Banh-mi, the Bomb

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fitting it all in.

Morning, chickens!

I’m hoping this gray sky clears up a little bit, but after a full to the brim weekend of friends, family, and finally, finally, finally drinks on the deck, I will not let a few clouds get the best of me.

Theo’s choosing to snooze through the early weather, another reason he’s wiser than I am.

This weekend we packed up all of Theo’s newborn clothes, which no longer fit, leading to me being emotional and leading JW to try and sneak attack throw out anything he deems excess (which, chickens, is pretty much everything- apparently he thinks any subsequent children we have should be in the nude). Luckily, because T is a little on the peanut-y size, we had 10 long (short- they felt so short) weeks in his tiny little newborn things before putting them in the basement.

How does this happen so fast?

Don’t answer that.

Also this weekend: my mother had a large bounty of carrots (is that a bag of sausages? Ky asked- the carrots were a little short and fat), so JW and I decided to make some carrot oat muffins.

These are fairly delicious.

There was, however, a miscommunication at some point, which led to JW trying to shove 24 muffins worth of muffin batter into one 12-muffin tray.

Something seems wrong here, he noted, while throwing the muffin mix into the tray like it was a loaf pan.

After scooping out the batter and spreading it out appropriately, we were in business.

And were also laughing.

The best kind of baking results.

After my first breakfast treat this morning, my verdict is that they’re delicious- we added golden raisins, which was an improvement, but I think we could have cut the sugar somewhere- they still taste a little too much like dessert for something so carrot-and-oat-y.

And with that, I’m off to up my caffeine, confront Theo’s growing collection of 3-month-old (read: man-sized) outfits, and get to the start of our day.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!

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heating it up

Morning, chickadees!

And welcome to the very-nearly-here weekend, that we all deserve so very much.

We’ve had great weather the past couple of days, and it’s supposed to last through the next two days, and for this, I am thankful.

Theo and I have been able to get out into the sunshine, which really, is making all the difference after a long winter and a hard week.

And it’s making T want to get out of bed even earlier than normal, if such a thing is possible.

photo (13)

Please excuse my messy room and unmade bed, as it six in the morning in this shot. What is important to note is that my once tiny boy is outfitted in something made for a 3 month old.

He’s essentially a toddler.

Who can’t hold his head up.

We’re getting there.

Up this weekend: a long-overdue date with my bffs, organizing everything in my condo, and getting back into the cooking groove since spring is here, which means the farm market is almost open, and my stash of delicious  freezer meals from my pals and my pre-baby self are almost exhausted.

Things are heating up around here chickadees, and I’ve never been so excited.

Get out in that sunshine today, everybody.


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getting there is half the battle.

Yesterday, chickadees, was a little bit brutal in the commute.

Post a long wait at the brown line station, I squeezed myself onto a crowded car in front of a woman who was fairly hostile about the fact that it’s winter in Chicago.

Join the club, lady.

I spent the first half of the ride with her sighing into my hair, as I wondered to myself what my chances of survival were if I slipped underneath the masses of People Who are Taller than Me.

No one can tell you’re eight months pregnant when you’re covered in 248 layers on a train, chickens, so it’s sometimes best to just stay very still and hunt for openings.

Luckily, I’ve gotten really good at throwing myself into any available seat, which is precisely what I did ten minutes later.

Was there maybe someone else who was trying to get their first? Probably.

But man, if you can’t beat an overly-layered pregnant girl into a seat, you’ve got speed work to do.


After making it to the office, where I was again among the living, I spent the day getting things done and then headed home to warm up, watch basketball, and try my hand at this Bon Appetit recipe. It was a crowd pleaser (and by crowd, I refer to JW, me, and our unborn child who doesn’t technically have a say but agrees with us anyway), and I’m definitely making this one again. It falls into the category of super-easy-but-impressive-looking (my favorite).



And now, here I am, half way to the weekend (sort of), and ready to tackle the outside, now that the temperature has risen above zero.

Ever so slightly.

Enjoy this one, chickens!

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back to you now.

Morning, chickens!

It came to my attention last night on my drive home from Michigan (by way of my pal Ky) that I hadn’t blogged in well over a week, so I thought I’d take a break from my not-quite-started weekend to fill you in on what’s been going on around here during the holiday season.

My sister came into town, which means lots of movie watching, recipe cooking, and pinochle playing.

And eating of the seven fishes, of course.

Sadly, J took off for New Hampshire in what felt like not enough time, but un-sadly, JW and I took it as an opportunity to head to Michigan for the weekend, in effect getting to see both of our families in one tightly packed week.

This is also meant I got to spend some quality time with this little guy.



What’s a better Christmas gift then that?

I have three remaining days until 2014 insists that I get back to the normal course of things, and so I plan on cashing in on a massage JW was kind enough to procure me for Christmas, watching the remaining Godfather movies (don’t ask, it’s just something I feel like doing), and figuring out how to sustain myself on more vegetables and less carbs.

So many carbs this week, chickadees. I’m sure you can relate. My joints hate me and I’m not sure this baby bump is all baby at this point in my little vacation.

Here’s to a full, relaxing last few days of this year, chicks. Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!

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spilling into the week ahead.

Morning chickens!

We’ve already sailed past Monday.

This is an accomplishment, especially since it’s the kind of weather where leggings under work pants is an acceptable method of staying warm, and also, we’re getting really close to the holidays, which is making it very difficult for me to focus on getting.things.done.

This past weekend, we celebrated T’s 2nd birthday with cake, presents, and lots of sighing with disbelief about how big he is.

I also tried to slip in a couple more hints that his new baby friend is on his way soon, but T wasn’t having any of it.

“Tobin- is the baby coming soon?”


Hopefully, he’s more excited when the baby shows up. I’m thinking he’s maybe tired of waiting for the alleged baby to show up, and would rather just play with his new birthday presents.

Fair enough.

Also this weekend: the first real snow, which we’ll be tromping through for some time, due to the freezing cold temperatures out there, putting up our Christmas tree and finding a place for every chubby animal ornament I’ve acquired over the years, babysitting our nephew Sam, making close to 200 cookies with J&K (why was it so hard to make the sugar cookies last time, I wondered to the girls. We were drunk, J said matter-of-factly. Excellent point.), and caught Catching Fire with the teens on Sunday night.



It was a lovely weekend, despite being abbreviated due to a work meeting, which also ended up being sweet with a surprise shower over lunch, and lots of cute goodies for Baby W.

We capped off Monday with an easy doctor’s appointment and a big win over the Cowboys, and chickadees, I’m feeling ready to tackle the rest of this week.

Bundle up out there, and enjoy this one!

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straight into the next thing, and the next thing is pretty great.

Morning, chickens!

And welcome back to the real world after a much needed break and a couple of really good meals.

I spent my Thanksgiving visiting with my family, relaxing on various couches, eating, and getting a head start on some holiday shopping.

Thanksgiving was late, chickadees, and I’m feeling the crunch of a somehow shortened Christmas season.

Better make these next few weeks full of cheer, is what I say about that.

My plans for the next few weeks include finishing up some projects at work and at home (read: getting the rest of the junk out of the room that our little guy might want to live in), enjoying JW being around all the time (or at least, more of the time, with none of the time being for studying purposes), and waiting for a nice, fat, two week stay-cation at the end of 2013.

I certainly cannot complain about the lineup I’ve got planned for myself.

I hope everyone else had a lovely, relaxing holiday and has come out on the other side with even more things to be thankful for this year.

Bring on the Christmas music and the festivities, chickadees. I’m ready for it this year!

And with that, I’m off to get myself to the office on time on this very-hard-to-get-back-into Monday.


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