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Someday is today

Dear Chicago,

You’re not technically my hometown. I was born in New Haven, and I consider myself a true, blue New Englander. I’m a little too suspicious and not quite friendly enough to be an authentic Midwesterner, but fourteen years later, I’m working on it.

I moved to the city in the fall of 2002, fresh off of three years in rural Michigan, a place I never quite fit in (but where I met the most important piece of my life story, and so it was worth it). I stumbled a little in the big city, and found friends who helped me understand I shouldn’t forget to lock my doors and that you had to keep your head up in a town of three million people. I slid into place after a few months and remember thinking, this is it. 

This is home.

Four years later after graduating, I had a friend who couldn’t believe I wasn’t “going home.”

I smiled to myself, because I knew that I was home.

I cheered for the Cubs starting my freshman year of college, at first because a boy I liked loved the Cubs, and then because I loved the Cubs. I named a plant in my dorm room Kenny Lofton (I’m weird, I know) and went down to Wrigley when I was nineteen, the night of Bartman, when we were thisclose to finally getting to the World Series. I ran out of there late in the game after some angry fans hauled a giant fake Marlin up above their heads and started chanting “Fuck the Fish.”

We’re passionate, as Cubs fans.

I’ve been to Wrigley a gazillion times, with my best friends and my classmates. With my husband and my parents. Most importantly, with my baby Theo at his first game this year.

Chicago is where I went to college. It’s where I met my best friends, and where I got my first job and my first apartment. It’s where my long distance boyfriend turned into my roommate, and my fiance, and my husband, and now the father of my babies.

And always, always the guy watching the game with me.

Baseball has always been a thread running through my life in Chicago, and like everything else, its had its ups and downs, its highs and lows.

We’ll stick with you, through it all, because we’re Cubs fans, and because this is our city, and because we have a deep love for both the team and our home, even when it’s bitter.

But man, it is surreal when it feels so sweet.

So thanks Chicago, for teaching me everything I know. Thanks for showing me that if you work hard and hang in and keep the faith, it.will.happen.

That someday will become today.





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ready for what’s ahead.

Morning, chickadees!

After a long, relaxing weekend in MI, it’s back to the hustle and bustle of the city.

Also, April has decided to show its face, and although I am brutally aware of the fact that it is only 22 degrees out today, I have the utmost confidence that this is the month in which it will decide to be spring.

You guys are with me, right?


In other news, this weekend I decided to start my giving campaign to Cory Booker’s Senate race, because I think he’s a guy who’s doing great things, and also, I’m maybe a tiny bit obsessed with him.

Maybe a little more than a tiny bit.

In any case, after donating, I threw a tweet in his direction, and two minutes later, my phone beeped with a notification.



How’s that for a beautiful end to an Easter weekend?

Other than that little one word gem (that I will treasure until the end of time, or at least until Cory and I become best friends in real life, which will probably be soon), I’m ready for one big week in front of me, opening day of baseball (I’m giving myself at least one whole month before I fall into a Cubs’ despair), and the promise of above freezing.

We’re pretty sure we’re gonna get there at some point, right chickens?

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it today!

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hey chicago, what do you say?

Ok, so we didn’t win last night.

No big surprises on that front, although at least I got to watch the Cubs score, right?


Last night we spent the early evening drinking endless cans of 312 among Loyola alumni and chatting up a storm before finally deciding to head to the game.

We were basically the last ones left on the patio.

I think the deal is over, Ky noted, as we all turned to watch two girls hauling away a cooler of beer.

It was time to get to the field.

Where we switched to Old Style beers and still chatting, but also keeping one eye on the game.

And maybe, if you’re me, launching yourself to your feet and screaming expletives every time your team does something you wish they wouldn’t.

Which is a lot of launching, when you’re a Cubs’ fan.

In the end though, I admit, a trip to Wrigley in the summer is a beautiful thing, no matter who wins.

Although it’s better if it’s not the other team, I suppose.

Also fun no matter with is the chance to spend some time with my pals, even if it means laughing about nothing and taking blurry phone pictures of ourselves like teenagers.

I would like to point out to you, readers, that last night we thought this was the best picture we’d ever taken.

I’m not ready to comment on what that means.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, chickens!

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five good things: are we getting anywhere, anyway edition.

Morning, chickens.

It’s another sunny day in the Second City, and I’m facing down a long day with a nice reward.

I’m focused on the good things.

And in honor of that, I’m doing a five.good.things this morning.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Tonight, I’m headed to my first Cubs’ game of the season. Sure, they’ve only won 20 (21 now!) games this season.

Sure, they break my heart by July every year.

And yes, I’m not sure I even remember the lyrics to “Go, Cubs, Go” at this point.

But I still love them.

Also, it’s an LUC alumni night, which means all you can drink specials at Goose Island before the game starts.

Last time we indulged in this annual outing, we didn’t even hit the game until the third inning.

I look forward to a repeat performance.

2. Since my eye issues have been keeping me in glasses lately, this has forced me to attempt some less vigorous exercise, and I’ve practiced yoga twice this week.

I’m feeling more flexible and less crazy.

Also, pretty sore, if we’re being honest.

I’ll be glad to get back to running next week, but for the moment, I’ll take a couple of centered days.

3. Also re: exercise, I dusted off my old Shred DVD yesterday morning and decided to give it a spin.

Sweet Jesus, that is tough. 20 minutes and I was sweating like I’d done a 5k.

I’m trying it again tomorrow- although, after all this yoga, I admit that Jillian Michaels’ voice telling me to think about jean shopping makes me want to kill someone.

Thank God for mute, chickadees.

4. This weekend, I have zero concrete plans. This means my house might have a chance of raising its status from “war zone” to “livable quarters.” It also means I might get out into the sun, or perhaps finally take care of my plant situation.

By which I mean JW will make sure there is a plant situation. Things are looking fairly bleak out there for mid-June.

I miss that monster arugula.

5. We’re at Wednesday already, which means we’re headed straight into the latter part of the week. If that’s not worth cheering for, I’m really not sure what it is.

Enjoy the sunshine, chickens- it’s a beautiful day!


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Running blind.

I stumbled into bed last night at around eleven, sad about the fact that the Cubs couldn’t pull it off (although I did have a lovely time with RB & AS), and full of delicious/terrible things like fake cheese and hot dogs.

Wrigley Field is a dangerous place for dinner.

In any case, I was more tired than usual.

When I woke up this morning at 6:00, I resisted my plan for a run.

Then I realized I had been dreaming about work, and that running a few miles was a better use of my time than risking slipping back into that particular REM cycle.

It’s muggy in my apartment, and it seems like every tree is raining pollen, so I wasn’t surprised that my eyes seemed, well, red.

And stuck together.


I made my way to the bathroom and threw on my running clothes, wondering why my eyes would not stop smarting.

Then, it struck me.

I slept in my GD contacts, something that barely ever happens, even when I’ve had one (or four) too many vodka sodas.

Even when I’m running on zero sleep.

Somehow I always manage to pluck those puppies out of my eyes before crawling to my bed.

But not last night.

So, blind, I resolved to run anyway, hoping that no one would mow me down.

Or suspect me of being a drug addict.

It actually went okay, once I decided to take an old route that wouldn’t make me dependent on street signs of any kind, since I literally could see nothing smaller than a car without my contacts.

And now, with 4 miles down for the day, I’m ready to wade through the humidity to work and then celebrate LW’s b-day tonight with Mexican at Nueva Leon.

I’ll take one of everything, please.

Have a good day chickies!

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bring it on…maybe.

NPR has assured me it will hit 80 degrees today, which I find hard to believe.

But I’ll take it.

Now that I’m back in my own city, I’m working on getting back on the proverbial horse, as I spent last week avoiding the gym.

Also, my body now seems to have a preference for giant NYC bagels and slices of thin crust pizza.

Luckily, I can’t even get those things here, so I’m safe.

For the moment.

Last night I dragged my sorry self to the Y, where I pounded out a 5k. Since my sister and I are doing one together this weekend (with shirts! I’m so excited!), I thought it would be prudent to make sure I could still pull myself along that far.

Turns out, when pressed, I can.

This morning, I woke myself up at 5:30 to meet CJ for a swim that was half paddling, half swimming–still a massive improvement over last week, and with the benefit of a social activity.

It’s best to multitask if you insist on being up that early.

I am currently fueled by the onset of summer, and by the call from Ronia, the Eastern European old lady who sold me my wedding dress.

Turns out, the dress has arrived.

And although (as I will continue to bring up, because for some reason, I find it hilarious) I was bullied into buying a size 20 gown, which leads me to believe my first fitting will involve me wrapping myself in essentially an organza sheet, it still seems that this would be the appropriate time to step it up, fitness wise.

Good thing I left NYC when I did.

Have a good day chicks, I’m off to work and then to my first Cubs’ game of the season.

Please, dear Cubs, at least put on a good show for me.

Then maybe I’ll stop blatantly ignoring your existence in an effort to quell the agony of defeat.


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Rainy days, sports, and, a new device.

Well, at least it’s warmed up slightly, right?

And guess who left her umbrella at work again?

Sometimes I don’t think it’s safe for me to be out there, living amongst the responsible adults.

JW told me that the weather’s looking to clear up by Saturday though, so I’ll cross my fingers, and try to remember that umbrella.

Yesterday I was entrenched by Chicago sports, watching part of the Bulls’ game (great job guys!), walking by Wrigley Field (where I see that they have gone back to displaying the inning and score on the board, which is great, except when we’re losing, which seems to be a lot lately), and then headed home to try and keep my eyes open for the Hawks game, at which I failed miserably.

Sorry guys. And sorry about the loss.

We’re now down to two sports I need to be paying attention to.

In addition yesterday, I received my new iPad, courtesy of my place of business. I headed straight to the Apple Store after work, picked up a new cover (which I promptly got some kind of mark on, but JW assured me, reminding me that maybe that’s what a cover is for. He’s so accommodating when it comes to my clumsiness) and then took the iPad home to my Mac to set it up.

When I tried to set it up on my work laptop, the antiquated computer insisted that the iPad was actually a camera, and refused to open iTunes. Bummer.

Mine is of the black variety. I am in love.

So far I’ve used my iPad to hook up to all my e-mail addresses, download some new books (none of the paid variety yet, but I’ll get to that, and anyway, I’ve been meaning to pick up Anna Karenina, right?), download Angry Birds (c’mon, that’s a given) and sync my two Apple products together, which means all my music and my pictures now live on two of my devices.

Things are going swimmingly, and I’m in love with my little machine. So in love with it that I am leaving it home today, so I don’t ruin it in the rain.

Too bad library books, you don’t get the same treatment.

But I promise to get you home to your drop box safely.

Have a good one chickadees!

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