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last one is a good one.

Morning, chickens!

Baby T and I are spending the last week of my maternity leave snuggled up before I face the reality that I’m headed back to work next week.

To be honest, I’m not particularly dreading the return to my office and my structure and my coworkers. I certainly will not miss being the Boss of the laundry around here.

I am not pleased that I will have to give up so many hours with this guy though.

photo (29)

In other news: we had a lovely, lovely weekend which included visits from family, JW’s first delicious attempt at a frittata (who knew that was his hidden talent?), long walks, and you guys, the opening of the farm market, which officially means the gd polar vortex is finally, officially over.

I made that up, but I think it sounds fairly legit.

photo (30)

Warm weather and the end of crazy, freezing temperatures is pretty much my favorite thing. However, the thermometer might have risen a little fast for my son, who was born in February and has zero patience for being overheated.

We’ve been in a diaper only situation since last week, and we finally caved and threw on our central air last night.

I couldn’t look at this face anymore.

photo (31)

And with that, chickadees, we’re off to get started on breakfast, tiger hunting (that’s all Theo), and getting ready for a morning walk. Enjoy this one!

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resting a beat.

Morning, chickens!

I’m back to my regularly scheduled program, for a grand total of one week.

Then I head out for a Vegas-Boston-Providence-Connecticut-New Jersey-New York trip that doesn’t end until October 21.

However, sandwiched between and also after some of the work are a bunch of things.for.fun, with all my favorite pals and family.

So I won’t complain, I’ll just make sure to pack for anything.

This weekend was an excellent way to unwind from my visit to the West Coast.

I picked up a new phone (which I haven’t figured out how to add my work e-mail to: blessing in disguise?), went to yoga, swung some kettlebells, hit up the farm market, had people over for pizza, and caught up on all my DVR recordings.

Also, you guys, Breaking Bad.

Loved every second. Get to it if you haven’t.

That’s all I have to say about that.

Also this weekend:



I am sorry, but there is no cuter almost-two-year old who exists.

It’s just the truth.

And with that, I’m off to try and remember how to get to work, to start prepping for two weeks out of the office, and to get right through this Monday morning.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, chickens.


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enjoying every second of this one.

Morning, chickens!

I know, it’s been awhile, and for this I apologize.

Thursday and Friday, I was deep into full-day meetings, which pretty much kept me from functioning like a normal adult.

A normal human of any kind, if we’re going to be honest.

However, the long hours were worth it, because I had a weekend full of my pal C, attending a book release party (yes, I am a very legit adult), browsing the farm market, catching a glimpse of my nephew, and spending time submerged in Lake Michigan.

All of these are beautiful ways to spend the last weekend before Labor Day, chickens.

Please forget I ever said anything about next weekend being Labor Day.

And here, my friends, are some visuals from a full, lovely way to spend a couple of days off.


And with that, I’m almost ready to face down the reality of another week at work.

For some reason, cubicles and meetings don’t seem as entertaining as sunshine and swimming.

I can’t imagine why.

Luckily, I’ve given myself a four-day weekend to look forward, which means I can get myself to hang tough for the next four days.

Here’s hoping everyone enjoyed this one as much as I did, chicks.

Get into the sunshine if you’ve got it today.

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it takes all kinds of kinds

All right you guys.

It’s officially Friday.

Sometimes, that’s enough to keep the world spinning for me.

Today I’ve got a day with only two real meetings, which is essentially a miracle.

I’m taking it.

This weekend has the promise of being filled with babies, teens, family, pals, and also, finally being allowed to stock up again at the Farm Market tomorrow morning.

Chickens, I’ve been having a problem.

In which my love for locally grown vegetables and friendly farmers ends in armfuls of produce that I’m never going to be capable of finishing.

This came at the same time as the strange decision that if JW was at class, I could eat exclusively carbs.

Things have been weird around here.

So I’ve been on vegetable lockdown these past few weeks, but I’m happy to report that several green smoothies, vegetable-laden pasta, and broccoli and mushroom-topped pizza later, I’m just down to a few pesky onions.

We all know onions will hang around forever, you guys.

I’m back out on the loose.

Just in time for things to get really good in the world of seasonal eating.

How many melons do you think I can haul home on my hip, chickadees?

This is a legitimate question.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!



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full steam ahead.

Morning, chickadees!

And welcome to a (thankfully) short little week.

This weekend, we had visitors who kept us busy with visiting the farm market, roaming the city, grilling out, and hitting up Ravinia for a combination concert of the Go Gos and the B-52’s.



Also this weekend: another brutal bells class, in which G lectured us all on the importance of maintaining our glutes.

“It’s what everybody wants,” he said sternly. “Right, Nikki?” He laughed at me, while I attempted to wrestle a bell over my head and lunge at the same time.

I think I might have grunted at him.

If there weren’t bagels after class, things would be a lot rougher, in my estimation.

Last night JD and I headed to yoga, where I wished the plan was just to lay on the floor for 75 minutes.

No such luck.

After trying to remind my body how to launch into Warrior 3, I’m fairly confident that JD and I might have a slow, painful run after work today.

We’re in it to win it though.

Or at least we think we are.

And with that, I’m off to my last full day of the week- here’s to this one moving fast and furiously toward the weekend, chickens.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!

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i just want you to know who i am

Good morning chickadees!

And welcome to the beginning of another full week.

I’m not complaining: after a weekend of visiting with family, celebrating birthdays, doing yoga, playing soccer, and putting more of my apt in boxes, I’m feeling rested and accomplished.

I’ve also seen the forecast for this week, and it looks beautiful.

We’re moving in the right direction.

Also amazing this weekend:

The Farmers’ Market has re-opened, which essentially gives me a reason to live.

Or at least a reason to stop eating so many frozen vegetables.

Since it’s only mid-May, the offerings were limited to flowers, asparagus, cheese, and eggs, but man, I’m not complaining one bit about that.



I ended up with two big bundles of asparagus, a dozen eggs, and some bison jerky, up-sold to me by the delightful farmer who always manages to make me spend more money than I was anticipating.

I’m a sucker for a man who teaches the population about the importance of locally sourced meats, chickadees.

And yes, I know that sounds a little bizarre.

And with that, I’m off to start a new week with a new book (it seems I’m loving teen novels only, these days)- this is gonna be the kind of Monday that’s fully bearable, chicks.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it.

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early mornings and big days.

Chickens, I confess that yesterday was a really lazy day in my household.

As in, I didn’t leave my apartment.

Things I did instead:

Watched the Bears’ game, which, guys, I’m really glad we won, but oh man we did not deserve it one bit.


Thanks again, Robbie, for saving the game (AGAIN).

In honor of playing the Carolina Panthers (who almost won the game, let us all remember), we made pulled pork, fried chicken, and mashed potatoes that we may or may not have added an entire block of cheddar cheese to before serving.

This was much more satisfying than the 60 minutes of football I watched.

Post-football, I spent the afternoon lounging around, thumbing through cookbooks and old Bon Appetit magazines, and watching this Halloween classic:


Hocus Pocus is hands down the best holiday movie to come out of the 90s.

I can’t get enough of a movie that includes a talking cat, Bette Midler, and ridiculous 1990s slang such as “tubular.”

How can you resist that?

I can’t either.

In other news, this morning I have already been more productive than the entirety of yesterday, running 3 miles in the cold (but not cold enough for all the layers I had on, I realized as I sweated profusely through the last mile), making breakfast, and getting ready to head to work.

Tonight: eating the last of the Farmers’ Market vegetable haul with Ky, who turns 28 today! Ky’s been my pal since I was 11, which means she’s the real deal. I hope this is the most fun year yet, and the witchiest. Thanks for being my partner in crime!


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