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And some other items, from the Weekend.

Good weekend, my friends. Now, onto the week ahead. Have a great morning, chickadees!

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We interrupt this program…

To bring you a quick update while the kitchen and bathroom floors dry and I try to come down from my bleach-induced high.

1. This morning I ran my 9 miler, and guess what? I survived. And I didn’t walk at all, and I’m still mobile. However, I picked the worst time possible to leave, which resulted in me running through monsoon style rain and thunder for nearly 90 minutes. Awesome. This also resulted in getting my iPod all wet, which might mean I am headed for Shuffle #4. I’m going to let it dry out and see what happens. Fingers crossed.

2.  My official Race to Wrigley time came in, and it was 27:22, 30 seconds better than I anticipated! This is over a minute faster than any other 5k I’ve done, so I was more than pleased about that.

3. We are spring cleaning today, and it’s leaving me feeling extremely satisfied and at the same time, like maybe I’m wasting my day. However, I bet I’ll feel great when it’s done. Or so I keep telling myself.

4. It has both stopped raining and warmed up, which is good for my mental state.

5. Tomorrow Ky and I are going to a seminar on gardening sponsored by the public library. There is nothing better than a little weeknight activity.

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday!

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