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Birthdays, Olympics, Quiche, you know…

Sorry for the lack of activity around here–things got a little crazy and I didn’t get time to sit down and capture it.

So, Friday was my birthday.

Yikes. 26. Yikes.

I’m not really a “oh my sweet Jesus, how did I get so old?” kind of person. I mean, we all have birthdays. We’re all gonna get old. And really, that’s cool with me.

Plus, should I get a little antsy about it, there’s always cake and a party to assuage my fear.

Cake solves a lot of problems.

So Friday was also the start of the Olympics, which is another event I love. Two weeks of full out sports, montages (Ky’s fave), and also, cute little mascots which have not been getting enough play, so I will show them to you now:

Are they not adorable?

I’ve got a thing for cute little mascots.

Anyway, we watched the Opening Ceremonies, and ate a lot of cookies, snacks, and this delightful red velvet cake that JW made, FROM SCRATCH (it was from the PW cookbook–what more could I ask for), and then everyone went on their sleepy, intoxicated, Olympic-ed way.


Yesterday, I went to the gym for an hour to try and work off some of the ridiculous foods I’d eaten on my birthday, but I’m not sure I made much of a dent.

Also, what happened next was that K came over with Season 3 of Dexter and we decided that it was a good day to make a quiche.

Full of butter and eggs and cheese.

The recipe is a mix of Julia Child, Martha Stewart, and Smitten Kitchen. There was no way we could go wrong. Plus, in our own twist, we added bacon.

Adding bacon is never a bad idea.

Ky adding all the cut up butter. I was afraid to make the crust, but it wasn't as daunting as I thought. And K did most of it for me. Teamwork.

Hello mushrooms. Simmer in butter and red wine, please.

Leeks braised in butter and salt for a half hour. These smelled SO good.

Why not add bacon?

Hello lover. It's oven time.

And hello again. You're looking delicious.

This thing was amazing. It was cheesy and egg-y and basically tasted like heaven and if you haven’t made a quiche, you should do it. It’s not as hard as you think, but it seems like such an accomplishment. Like, if someone asks you what you’ve done that day you can simply say,

“oh you know, I made a quiche, from scratch.” That’s a whole day’s work.

Ky and I did not quite stop there though, because we have problems knowing when to stop. We had a book club meeting which actually turned into a “please feed us Allison” meeting in which A made this delicious warm spinach salad with feta, shallots, and a vinaigrette. We tried to recreate it, except we added bacon, and we’re not professionals, so our feta kind of all melted together.

It was still tasty.

I ate mine in about three bites.

On that note, I’m off to take down the leftovers and jump into a day of Olympic coverage, a soccer game, and making a new sauce (I’m being brave for Valentine’s day). Hope you all have a great day chicks!

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Boeuf, Part Deux.

I apologize that I wasn’t able to update you on our delicious meal last night, but after eating it at six, I basically had to be put to bed.

It was amazing, and I wanted to leave the night on a high note.

Let’s get to what happened after I last left you.

We had to peel these little suckers. Well, Ky did. I don't have the motor skills for that.

Meanwhile, I sauted quartered mushrooms in butter and oil. Totally as good as you would imagine.

This is what they looked like at the end. They were amazing.

Meanwhile, this was happening. And by this, I mean Ky brown braising pearl onions in stock. I only wish I could capture how it smelled in the kitchen.

And then it was time to unveil the boeuf

It is at this point that I must skip a few steps. The next move was to pour all that goodness over a colander (or a sieve, that would have worked better, but I didn’t have one) and catch all the sauce in a container. This took both of us to do without losing the sauce, which would have been a sin. It also including some yelling, as sauce dripped down the side of the “sauce catcher”, throwing me into a panic. In the end it was okay, but there was no time for pictures when disaster loomed so close.

The captured sauce, after the aforementioned near disaster

The boeuf, enhanced by the buttery mushrooms and braised onions. We're getting oh-so-close now.

It's sauce time. I'm not sure why you separate the sauce, only to then add it back in, but I must not doubt Julia.

We should probably add some parsley.

Finally time for dinner, six hours later. We ate this mouth watering meal over boiled potatoes, but Julia also gives the okay to buttered noodles. Or rice.

I am so very happy here with my boeuf.

This meal was amazing, and totally everything that Ky and I thought it would be. Over a glass of Chianti, we pledged to make a Julia Child meal once a month, because there is nothing better than crafting something out of the ordinary when you get results like we did last night.

I highly recommend this as a get-out-of-the-winter-misery-dregs solution.

Hope everyone else’s night was as delicious as mine!


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