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Threads of thought for Sunday morning

Last night the girls and I ate pita until we couldn’t at one of our old watering holes, and had a half laughing/half eating evening until we couldn’t possibly finish one.more.thing.

Above: the girls and I (before I forced Ky to move to Chicago, so think of her as Caesar) in Las Vegas, aged 22. Mere babies. But babies who still love pita in their old age.


Losing all of your music is actually sort of a freeing experience, I’ve decided. I’ve been listening to a mix of my 90s favorites and a bunch of new stuff which I am downloading with reckless abandon. On repeat right now is Adele’s 21, which I am loving every single second of. Please someone, remind me again why I still identify with lady artists who haven’t even hit their mid-twenties?


The sun is shining brightly this morning, and even though it’s only a brisk 28 degrees out, I feel like I want to take a walk in the neighborhood and soak up some Vitamin D. Equally as compelling is hunkering down with a giant mug of coffee and learning some more about those lady Roosevelts. Luckily, it’s Sunday, and if I play my cards right, I can probably do both.


This afternoon, I’m going to try to make homemade pasta. I have no tools for this except a rolling pin and a knife, and my motor skills rival those of a toddler. I’ve always liked a challenge though.


Enjoy your Sunday chickadees, I’m off to get mine started properly!

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Hello from the Left Coast.

Hello all —

This is Jennie, Nikki’s younger, bossy(or bossier?) sister who lives on the Left Coast. Now, I get why the name of this post might confuse you, because some of you might know that Nikki is in Mexico, and I know not if she is on my left coast with me right now or not. For all I know, she could be 3 hours from me just over my border here, and I would never know. Maybe she wanted to keep it that way, knowing I’d rain on her parade. Maybe not.

Anyways, she’s asked me to blog from here for her, on account of not wanting to disappoint her readers in her 7-day absence. Luckily, since I design the headers of her blog (sorry Nikita, the word is out) I have access to her blog all the time. I just read through all the posts for the week (and trust me, they are going to be GREAT) so I was duplicating any information, and so I could get a feel for the vibe she wanted for the week.

And let me just say: it’s a pretty good vibe.

And so, in my and my sister’s normal style, I would like to present you with 10 things I think you (and Nikki) should know, in order of no particular importance:

1. I am so excited that my sister is getting married next year. I love JW. I love her. I love both our families. And I love weddings. Especially when I am in charge. (Because I love to be bossy, in case you hadn’t gotten that already.)

2. Did you know (I’m sure you did) that the midterm elections are coming up? Now, I don’t know where y’all are from, so I’ve done a little research about a few states.

Illinois’s 5th District (aka where Nikki’s district is.)

If you live in Chicago, it appears you’re cut through a few districts, but you can do that research with your address and zip code on this website.

Connecticut’s 2nd District

Connecticut’s 3rd District

Massachusetts 9th District

You get the point. You can also check out the New York Times website which gives information on all the races. That way, you can get yourself educated in the month we have left, so you make smart choices when you vote. Because I am assuming you all vote.

3. Sneak peek: For Halloween, I am going as Alexander. (and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.)

4. Fall is coming, and in fall I love Corn Chowder. Here is the PW’s recipe.

5. I love cooking, speaking of cooking, and I think that this was one of the most interesting articles I ever read.

6. A few photos for your consideration.


This is Nikki attacking the shrimp last Christmas. And JW's face? The usual.



Don't worry -- the Palluzzis will hold up the eye...



When I tell people about my sister, I say "We look exactly the same, except she has blue eyes, and blond hair."



Pretty true, eh?


7. Fall music, for your consideration:

-John Mayer (especially Continuum, and Heavier Things – baby you’re the only light I ever saw…)

-Carbon Leaf (what about aliens?)

-Brett Dennen (I’m gonna plant a garden/paint my bathroom blue)

-Train (You wear white, and I’ll wear out the words I love you, and you’re beautiful)

-Paul Simon (I need a photo opportunity)

8. I love yoga. and you should to. Here’s something to get you started.

9. Fall is pumpkins. And squashes. Do you know what is in season? Here’s some info about gardening in Chicago.

10. Confession: I have purple fingernails and orange toenails. Courtesy of a day off last week and a week at ranch camp, and some seriously in-need-of-scrubbing heels. Paint your nails a festive color! It’s the season for fun!


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Weekend Winds Down

Morning, chicks!

I’m a little later than usual, because I decided to take the day off, since my family scattered back across the country last night, and I needed a few hours to wind things down.

The weekend was definitely awesome. While the Lilith Fair grounds were about ninety degrees, my dad ran past the droves of concert goers to snag us the only seats in the shade on the lawn.


Also, in a decision wiser than any other I’ve ever made, we all decided that drinking was not on the agenda in the sweltering heat, and so we drank gallons of water spiked with some new Crystal Lite that promoters were giving out by the handfuls.

The concert itself was pretty kick ass. The Courtyard Hounds sang a lot of lovely, pop-y country songs, and brought their kids up on stage to play tambourines.

I’m a sucker for that kind of thing.

Heart was amazing, because those women are nearly sixty and still have no problems jumping all over the stage and belting out “Barracuda” like it was thirty years ago.


Next up was Mary J. Blige, who my mother professed to not knowing about, which was a little horrifying.

She also never remembers who Justin Timberlake is.

Mary J. might have actually been my favorite performer of the night, because she sang a bunch of her own songs, and then did “One” by U2 and “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin, which was maybe the best thing I’ve ever seen done live.

She also pranced around the stage in pencil thin stilettos. How can I not respect that?

Last up, of course, was Sarah McLachlan, who really brought it all back for me and my little crowd. At the risk of sounding slightly too far on the side of girl power, seeing her play live always reminds me of the whole point of the Lilith Fair, which is to celebrate women in music.

Or women in anything, really.

It was great to look around and think about the last time I’d seen Sarah and thought the very same thing.

I was fourteen.

I didn’t know Michigan was shaped like a mitten, because it wasn’t important.

I only knew about Chicago from Family Matters.

I had triangle bangs and loved wearing horizontal stripes.

I did know that I loved music and my friends and family and laughing until my sides hurt and I fell over.

So some things change, and some things stay the same.

No, the bangs and stripes are not something that stayed the same.

In short, the concert was amazing, being with pieces of the little original Lilith group was so fun, and being able to share it with my friend JD, who was new to the ridiculously long and crazy experience, was great.

Hope everyone else’s weekend was as chock full as mine was. I’ve already been out for my run, showered, and next up is a trip with Ky to the fish market and then, who knows? I’ll have more on this one tomorrow.

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Off to the Races

Ciao, chicks!

Checking in quickly before I round up my family and friends and head out to the ‘burbs for the Lilith Fair 2010.

Hello, ladies who rock out.

Among those I’m excited to see are Mary J. Blige, the Courtyard Hounds (hello, Dixie Chick sisters, lovely to see you), and of course, Sarah McLachlan.

Plus, it’s a great place to run into new artists.

For instance, after previewing all of the lineup, I found this little gem by Katie Todd.

Last night was a flurry of pizza, red wine, hanging out and laughing.

Today holds lovely weather, lots of music, and sitting on blankets until the sun goes down.

Have a good one, chickadees!

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