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five good things: here i am! edition

Okay guys, I know, I know, I know.

It’s so hard for me to be consistent because life is just not consistent around here, but I miss this little corner of the world, and if you’ve given up all hope on me, I forgive you and will just treat this as my diary going forward.

I’ll assume you’ve moved on, and I’m cool with it.

Spoiler alert though: I have not moved on, I am right here, and I have finally stopped spinning.

For a minute.

So here are five good things I’d like to share, in an attempt to get back into it.

  1. In the past month, I have been in Florida, Washington, D.C., Texas, Connecticut, New Jersey, and probably a couple other places that I’m forgetting. Some of it has been fun (i.e. pizza with my entire family, getting to spend some time with my grandparents, going to the beach) and some of it has been boring (for instance, touring the 87th hotel guest room and not really knowing what to say about it except, Nice!), but the good news is, until October, I am only going to be here. Here’s to an easy routine, lots of Boo and JW time, and a break from the airport.
  2. Last week I was in CT with JW and Boo watching one of my oldest and best friends get married. There are certain points at which you look at your life so far and think, man, how did I get so lucky? and this was one of them. Here’s to the friends who were 12 with you and still manage to really get you, chickens.


  3. I also got to spend some time in NYC this past week, and enjoyed traipsing around with my buddy KC, sitting on rooftops, eating pizza,stealing cutlery, and seeing the sights with a pal. Also visiting two of my favorite little (not so little- 14 is apparently the age of overtaking me in height) guys from NJ and being expressly taught the importance of watching Pretty Little Liars as fast as possible. I’m working on it, I promise.
  4. Also during my trip to CT: Ky and I took Boo to the ocean, and begrudgingly, he let us take him in. It was at that point that he started cackling, shoveling his little paws into the water, and licking them, because he’s never been in salt water before. No matter what shenanigans he pulls in the next 18-25 years, that memory will make me laugh until the end of time.


  5. We’ve got a long weekend coming up here in my very own city, which means getting organized, reading all my library books (I just finished Me Before You and cried on the plane, and now I’m into In the Woodsand my list is still a mile long), getting outside, eating at ridiculous festivals, and going to BBQs. I can’t think of a better way to prep for the next season we’ve got coming up.

And with that, chickadees, I’m back. I mean, I think I’m back. I promise to work on being back. It’s better than nothing, right?

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!

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requesting audiences and new perspectives.

Morning chickens!

We’ve been fairly busy over here in our corner of the world, and I hope everyone else is enjoying (or did enjoy) a nice break with friends and family.

My baby sister and her husband were here, which meant, among other things, good food, card games, a resurgence of the Palluzzi children’s obsession with Super Mario, and lots of snuggles with Boo.

Boo seems a bit shell shocked that he’s spending the week with just me, and not in a good way.

He’s come to expect an audience.

Luckily, we’re not quite done celebrating yet, and we head to Michigan on Saturday where he can hang with more of his adoring fans.

Anything to keep T well behaved.

My sister and I also spent some quality time organizing my life, which means that Theo’s room looks more like a baby room and less like a storage center.

It also means that we capsuled my closet, which is now something that I’m pretty much obsessed with.

I threw out or stored almost everything I owned, and it felt amazing.

37 pieces of clothing, a brand new life.

On top of that, I’ve managed to exercise almost every day this break (including running outside FOUR times, which you guys, is hard in winter), and also ponied up my fine at the library, which means I can start reading books and stop reading ridiculous, dramatic Facebook groups.

I’m ready for you 2015. Can’t wait to meet you.

Keep it easy, chickadees!


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holiday expectations.

Morning chickens!

I’m running a little bit late today, since Boo and I are working on items such as posing for 10-month-old pictures, banging wooden spoons into the ground, and learning that the Christmas gifts are actually to be opened tomorrow morning, not right.this.second.


That’s a hard lesson even for me.

Up today is one of my favorite days of the year. It involves seven (hundred) fishes, all my family, and lots of fun.

This morning, as JW headed to work (yes, he has to work today: dumb), I noticed a bag of clothes hanging from a stool in our kitchen.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Those? Those are my eating clothes!” he said, with a straight face.

I cracked up immediately, and his response was only “What? You don’t expect me to eat Christmas eve dinner in jeans, do you?”

Excellent point, JW.

And with that, I’m off to wrangle Boo into pants and head off to help my parents fry half the population of the Atlantic ocean’s shellfish.

A very, very merry Christmas to you and your, chickadees. Enjoy this one.

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notes for the baby book.

Morning, chickadees!

We’re steadily moving toward a nice little break here in Chicago-land, and I’m certainly looking forward to the weekend, when my sister finally, finally gets here and also stays put right in my zip code for over a week.

Merry Christmas to me.

In other news, Boo has officially (unofficially? Who knows.) reached the age at which he is In Everything.

This morning, I mentioned to JW that I wish I had taken a moment to write this in the baby book.

I’m not very good at the baby book, even though Theo’s my first and that’s when you’re supposed to be able to keep track of things.

I’m not really sorry about it.

We’re very busy playing.

Anyway, what I actually said is that I wished I had noted in the baby book when Theo turned into a savage beast.

Nine months? I guessed, as I tried to gently redirect him from slamming his head into ceramic tiles.

More like eight-and-a-half, JW mused.

He’s the numbers guys.

Boo’s endless energy, extreme curiosity, and still fairly tiny size mean that he’s a perfect candidate for getting into spaces he shouldn’t and doing things he’s not allowed to do.

Like a mouse.

For instance, at this moment, instead of playing with his one million toys on his fuzzy sheepskin rug, he appears to be in his closet, pulling out hidden kitchen trays (hey, we have limited storage) and getting wedged behind the door by his rocking chair.

Don’t let this face fool you chickens, he’s up to no good.

photo (2)

It’s a good thing he’s adorable.

Keep it easy, you guys, and bundle up.

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giving it up and getting to the bottom of it.

Time for a not-so-secret confession:

I, the most serious of sports fans, could not watch the Bears game last night.

I just couldn’t do it, and after waking up to this morning’s result, I stand by my decision 100%.

Instead, I decided to concentrate on my newfound love of The Good Wife, and yes, I know I’m five years late to the game.

I also admit that my original intent was to finally, finally, finally start watching The Wire, which I am the last human to get into, but I watched half an episode, had a hard time concentrating, and shopped around for something else instead.

The moral of the story: I need to pay my library fine so I can start reading again and stop being so obsessed with television.

It’s unhealthy.

Thank God I don’t have TLC anymore.

Up the rest of this week: four.more.days until a nice, long holiday break with my family. I wish I could say I thought it would clip by pretty quickly, but I have a feeling this one might drag on for awhile.

And with that, I’m off to scoop Boo up from underneath my desk, where he has managed to wedge himself between the wall and a box of diapers.

Never a dull moment, chickens.

Keep it easy.

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and the circle, it goes round and round

Morning, chickens.

And again, my apologies for being flaky lately.

There are so many things I want to share with you, such as:

1. Theo’s five months old today. I can’t decide if I’m all like “time flies” or like “I can’t believe you’ve only been part of our lives for five months.” Instead, let us simply look at the evidence of this adorable little guy who we’re lucky to call our son.



2. This past weekend we celebrated: Jennie’s wedding, Theo’s baptism (my best friends J&C served as godparents, which means they’re officially in our little family even though who cares about being official when you love people that much), my grandparents’ anniversary, and my nephew Sam’s first birthday.

It was a whirlwind celebration that reminds me how grateful I should be every single day just for waking up, breathing, and existing in the life I’ve got. Here are the oldest and the youngest people in my family, since I can’t fit all the people I loved this weekend in one little frame.


At Theo’s christening, there were five little kids receiving the sacrament, and when it was our turn, I walked up to the font and looked down and man, there were a lot of people there to celebrate my baby (almost embarrassing, but you know me. No sense of shame). And you know what, no matter what I do or don’t think about the Catholic church, that was a lesson in what an amazing tribe T has. That’s the picture I would have liked to take from that day.

3. I’m in Denver this week (one night only) for my first work trip away from Theo. And it’s not so terrible, except that nothing is as fun as hanging out with him and I wish I was doing that instead.

Also, I packed lightly, which means my only extra shirt of course has some kind of weird coffee stain on it I didn’t notice before I left.

My outfit is questionable. I’m hoping people are kind (but not caring too much if they’re not).

4. I’m a reading machine this summer. After T was born, I was exhausted and nervous about taking care of a baby, so I filled any empty moments with episodes of I Love Lucy instead of reading (I do not regret this decision, for the record), and I worried that I would never love reading again.

Said the girl who once devoted a diary entry to the injustice of a canceled book fair.

Anyway, I’m back at it now, thanks to a new mobile app from the library and one million titles I’d like to read. My most recent accomplishments: Delicious by Ruth Reichl (into it, even if it was a little cheesy), My Name is Memory (my cousin Shelly recommended it to me, and it’s by the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants lady, and it was a good love and life story),  Salt, Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us (this made me want to forage for nuts and seeds, but in a good way), and Eleanor and Park (a YA book about the 80s and tough families and love, and I adored it).

This is just a sampling, but man, you guys, I’m overwhelmed by all the things I want to read. WHAT ELSE should be on my list?

5. I’m going to do better at writing. So many hysterical nuggets have been happening around here, and I better capture them now, I think.

And with that, I’m off to dry my hair and compose myself as someone who’s not headed to meetings in a questionable outfit.

Something things never change, chickadees.

Enjoy this one!



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a walk on the ocean

What a crazy week this is shaping up to be, chickens.

Before I get swallowed up by it, I thought I’d make you privy to a few things going on around here:

1. My sister, her pals, and various family members are rolling into town for Theo’s christening this weekend. We’re also hosting a shower for my baby sis, and doing a bachelorette party in her honor.

Pray for me, chickadees. I’m mostly excited to have four days off in a row filled with family and visitors, but I’m also concerned I’ll be running on empty by the time we get to Boo’s festivities.

I cannot be hungover in pictures of my baby’s christening.

That’s my mantra.

2. Last night, JC, Ky and I headed to Ravinia to see Toad the Wet Sprocket and Counting Crows, r as I like to call it, a 90s delight. Generally, we have a lovely spread of food and cocktails, but the three of us headed in from separate directions, which meant the following things happened: I missed a train and brought warm, 7-11 wine, JC had to park at the botanical gardens and came bearing baguettes, and Ky staked out a spot and hung by herself for over an hour.

We toasted to the miraculous fact that we all managed to get there before the concert started, and then put fruit in my 7-11 wine to make it slightly more acceptable.

I couldn’t ask for better friends.

3.  Because I was headed to Ravinia last night, I was schlepping around a different pump that had a battery pack (yes, I sometimes have to pump in bathroom stalls, it’s just my new glamorous life) and I had a malfunction of some kind early in the day.

I have no further details on how it happened, but basically, I’ve injured my shoulder in an attempt to produce food for my son.

I’m not sure if this is hysterical or horrifying.

It probably depends on who you’re talking to.

And with that, I’m off to finish this day of working-from-home and get on the road to hang with some clients in Rosemont tonight, because this week just won’t quite.

Enjoy the sunshine, chicks!


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