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Let it snow?

I mean, we might as well, it’s gonna do what it wants out there.

And what it wants to do is snow until tomorrow.

Hopefully it doesn’t turn out looking like this:

That looks messy

But the possibility always exists here in the Second City. And since there’s no such thing as a snow day at SB, there’s nothing for me to do but put on on my boots and my hat and get out there.

Here’s hoping I can make it two blocks to the El without face planting.

I really wish I had the full use of my legs this morning, for this tricky jaunt.

Have a good (and hopefully un-snowy) morning everyone!

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Put away your Snowshoes…

Because my fellow urban dwellers, Chicago’s insistence that they would NOT (under any circumstances, you can’t make them!) plow the side streets this year, they’ve caved:

Fine, we’ll do it (But not because you told us to)

Anyone surprised?

I’m not, but I am glad that I can put away my skiing equipment.

And really, can you blame the disgruntled residents of the city when this can strike at any moment?

You're seriously not going to plow this shit?

You're seriously not going to plow this shit?

Good job Chicago–but yeah, this doesn’t make up for that Governor thing…

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Sighted: Naughty Husky on Cornelia

I  feel guilty most days for not being an animal lover. Lots of people fawn over furry, tail-wagging, barking machines and aloof, snobby cats, but not me. The only animal I can attest to loving is a panda, and that, my friends, is a different story.

I digress. This morning on my trek from Cornelia and Ashland to Cornelia and Southport, I caught the following scene:

(Violent, loud barking occurs at seven-thirty AM. Owner makes a futile attempt to control giant husky that is nearly his size)

Exasperated Dog Owner: Suki, stop it!
Suki: Bark, bark!
Exasperated Dog Owner: Suki, I mean it. Stop barking.
Suki: Bark, Bark, Bark, Growl…
Exasperated Dog Owner: (the grown man appears near tears. Whiny, pleading voice ensues) Suki, please? Why do you do this every morning? Why do you make me act like such a meanie all the time?!?
Suki: (Blessedly silent as she cowers in fear)

End Scene.

This was in the company of at least two other dogs and their owners, and myself of course. Let me just put this out there. While I am sure more than half the city disagrees, the thought of wrestling the morning, Winter Misery, Ashland Avenue, the El AND a naughty husky about 3/4 my size? I’d rather not be more of a meanie than I already am.

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