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bonus features.

This weekend was not a holiday or a travel destination or a work trip for the first time in a very long time.

Sunday morning we bundled up Theo (it was thirty degrees out and we had a mild case of cabin fever), unfolded the stroller, and walked over to Tobin’s first (maybe second) soccer class.

It was a circle of two and three-year olds, with moms and dads hovering over them while a very nice, endlessly patient British coach explained games that taught the littles fundamentals of the game.

JW, T, and I were obviously the only spectators, because who shows up to toddler soccer?

I loved every second.

T’s mom is also generous enough to share her little guy with us, so I had a crack at being T’s adult, which basically meant chasing him around on a “hunt for dinosaurs” (read: soccer balls) for an hour.

And then, during a water break, this happened:


Watching T hang with Boo is probably one of my favorite things about both T and Boo.

When I got lucky enough to pick up the S family, they were an amazing tribe of four. I couldn’t have asked for a better bonus leg of my family.

Then T showed up.

Then Boo showed up.

These are the things that make Mondays far more tolerable, chickadees.

Now excuse me while I pull Boo out from behind the trash can, where he’s rifling through baby wipes like a raccoon.

Keep it easy.

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taking the first one

Morning, chickens!

It’s a dreary morning out there, but we made it past Monday, so that’s something.


Last night I sped home as fast as I could to catch the second half of the US-Ghana soccer game, receiving frequent updates from my fellow soccer fan LB.

We bonded over the Women’s World Cup finals in 1999 and played four years of high school soccer together. Her expletive-ridden play by play of the US team’s inability to complete passes was almost as good as the real thing.

When I got home, the texts continued, until I realized that my live stream was off, and she scooped me on the Ghana goal before I saw it happen.

That or she has become a future-telling gypsy.

You never know.

In any case, we were both overjoyed when the US answered with goal 2, (you know who was not overjoyed? Theo. It turns out he retains no memory of being in utero during football season because screaming “GOALLLLLL!!!” at the top of my lungs seemed to frighten him), and I’m happy we’re starting our Cup with a win.

I love an underdog, chickadees, and this is one of the only times the US qualifies.

Happy soccer watching, everyone. Stay dry out there!

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i just want you to know who i am

Good morning chickadees!

And welcome to the beginning of another full week.

I’m not complaining: after a weekend of visiting with family, celebrating birthdays, doing yoga, playing soccer, and putting more of my apt in boxes, I’m feeling rested and accomplished.

I’ve also seen the forecast for this week, and it looks beautiful.

We’re moving in the right direction.

Also amazing this weekend:

The Farmers’ Market has re-opened, which essentially gives me a reason to live.

Or at least a reason to stop eating so many frozen vegetables.

Since it’s only mid-May, the offerings were limited to flowers, asparagus, cheese, and eggs, but man, I’m not complaining one bit about that.



I ended up with two big bundles of asparagus, a dozen eggs, and some bison jerky, up-sold to me by the delightful farmer who always manages to make me spend more money than I was anticipating.

I’m a sucker for a man who teaches the population about the importance of locally sourced meats, chickadees.

And yes, I know that sounds a little bizarre.

And with that, I’m off to start a new week with a new book (it seems I’m loving teen novels only, these days)- this is gonna be the kind of Monday that’s fully bearable, chicks.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it.

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getting right into it.

Morning chickens!

And welcome to a brand new week.

Yesterday was a lovely respite in this otherwise still.pretty.bleak spring season that we’re having.

Friday is threatening snow flurries, and I’m really having a hard time wrapping my head around that one.

All this rain better make for one beautiful, green summer.

That is all I can say about that.

However, in the spirit of keeping it positive, and also, you guys, at least it’s not 25 degrees out, I give you the following:



It’s good advice, chickadees. And what I have is one lovely weekend complete with condo hunting, sunshine, soccer, bells, celebrations, and dinner with my mom and dad and baby brother.

Also one long, lazy afternoon in which I finished the entire first season of Girls (and yes, it’s my favorite thing), and rifled through old papers and pictures under my bed. Here’s one of the gems I found:



Yes, the sweatshirt is awesome.

I know it.

Also found: rules for a happy bedroom written by Jennie and I circa 1995, a letter I wrote my roommates’ when we graduated from college, and original artwork by Aus when he was eight.

Also, a note he wrote me from his second grade class. Of course, original anything by tiny Aus made me burst into tears, because when did he get so old?

In any case, chickens, I have a whole host of beautiful, amazing things that are propelling me into this week with a good attitude.

Despite the rain.

I’ve got an umbrella, after all.

Enjoy this one chicks.

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nice little start to another week of living.

Morning, chickens!

And welcome to another beautiful weekend day.

Last night we had a whole mess of our favorite people over to our house to drink most of the wine in Chicago and to eat all the pizzas we could drum up.

The evening was a rousing success, complete with dancing, standing up on chairs to make points, and very few smashed wine glasses.

When I woke up this morning, it may or may not have looked like a frat party took place in my kitchen.

Somehow, this made me laugh more than anything else.

After cleaning enough so that JW could get to the coffee pot, we pulled out all our leftovers, assessed the ingredient situation, and went to work on breakfast.


Nothing like an egg scramble with one million vegetables to reboot after a night of too many wines and too much laughing (just a joke: I don’t really believe you can get too much of either of those things).

Up next on this sunshine-y day: I locate my shin guards from the depths of my closet, wake up my baby brother, and head out to play a nice little game of soccer.

Enjoy this day, chickadees. It’s gonna be a good one.

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take it to the limit.

Morning, chickens!

I hope that everyone’s been having a lovely weekend, and that if you happen to have today off, you’re enjoying this beautiful (in Chicago) Monday morning.

In order to combat all of the cocktail enjoying and food consuming I’ve been doing all weekend, I’m headed to a kettlebell class at 10:15.

Gene on my day off might turn out to be a mistake, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

I think.

We’ll see how it goes.

Last night, JD, CC, Ky, JW and I met my parents and headed over to the Taste of Melrose Park, a festival in the suburbs devoted to delicious (mostly Italian) food.

I basically ate everything I saw, and my father made his dreams come true by constructing a fried dough pizza by visiting multiple vendors.

Back in the home state of CT, you grow up eating a circle of fried pizza dough covered in sauce and Parmesan cheese.

For some reason, we can’t find it in the Midwest, where generally, people sprinkle sugar on top of their fried dough.

Also delicious.

In Michigan, they don’t even call this fried dough, but an elephant ear.

Still tastes good.

Anyway, my dad asked for a plain fried dough, and then traveled to the gnocchi booth, where he was able to buy a container of sauce.

This is what he returned with after his journey.

It was amazing.

I feel like it might be a personal mission to bring this delicacy west.

Stay tuned on that one.

Also last night, JD, Ky and I stood in line to get our hands on sfingi, a donut-like wonder covered in sugar, made by nuns, and distributed in an egg carton.


Add these two treats to the elderly man singing Rat Pack hits while dancing emphatically, and you have yourself a nice little night.

There’s nothing like a holiday weekend to get you going, chickadees.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!

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buttering it up.

Morning, chickens.

I apologize for the two day absence, but I’ve been busy Ravinia-going, Farmers’-marketing, and soccer-playing.

It’s been a lovely weekend.

A weekend that was wrapped up last night by something I haven’t done in awhile.

Which is, cook something that’s not chicken on the grill.

I love chicken on the grill, for the record.

But it’s not really worth sharing with the group, if you know what I mean.

Last night’s creation, however, is worth sharing with the world.

I think anyway.

We started last night by tying on our aprons for the first time in too long, and using this recipe as our basis for dinner.

We doubled the amount of calamari we used (it was all they had at our seafood market- two pound packages!), added hot red pepper flakes (like we do to everything), added cheese to the polenta, and let our sauce cook longer (mostly because we were still dealing with unruly, semi-frozen squids at the time), but other than that, we stuck to the plan.

Which is saying a lot for us.

First up, here’s what we used:

We de-bearded mussels, cut calamari into rings, and took the tails off of shrimp, and really, that was the only time consuming part of this.

First up, after the seafood prep, we diced up an onion and some garlic to start our sauce.

Next, we added almost a cup of white wine and a giant can of diced tomatoes.

Things were smelling good.

Next, after trying to chop the squid tentacles into mangeable pieces (we’re basically eating Ursula, I said, as Ky nearly gagged), we added shrimp and squid to the sauce.

After letting it cook for a couple minutes, we added the mussels, covered the pot, and let it sit until the shellfish all opened.



At this point, we also followed the recipe’s instructions to add some butter to the whole mix, which Ky did, muttering I’m just buttering the mussels the whole time.

Which made them awesome.

Meanwhile, we had boiled water, chicken broth, and milk together, added a cup of polenta, some butter, and let it cook for about five minutes.

At which point we realized it needed cheese, and added a couple of handfuls of parmesan to the mix.

It was a good idea.


After both pots contained finished products, we plated it up, turned on the history channel to check out the Hatfields & McCoys, and enjoyed a delightful reminder of our recent East Coast trip.


I can’t think of a better way to enjoy a Sunday, chickadees.

Enjoy that sunshine if you’ve got it!

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five good things: let’s not waste time edition.

Five good things, chickens, in pictures, and in about five minutes.

It’s a busy, beautiful weekend.

1.  Hanging out with both of my delightful siblings.

2. Getting a shot at eating this up tonight. I fried four of these chickens up yesterday afternoon.

3. An excellent jaunt to the Farmers’ Market this morning with Ky.

4. I love the Olympics. Catching the end of this game was a welcome surprise this afternoon.

. Drying my hair, gathering up my snacks and friends, and headed back for James, take 2.

Enjoy it while you got it, chickens!

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full up to to the very brim.

Chickadees, this has been a getting.things.done kind of weekend.

Yesterday, LM and I managed to put together a bed, a TV stand, and very successfully start to un-jumble her move into a lovely new apartment.

Also, there was wine.

And, lunch- a new sandwich spot that has already made its way onto my list of favorites. It’s called Pane’s Bread Cafe, and I have already researched enough to know that it delivers up all the way west to my address.

I imagine this will turn into a regular visiting place for me.

After a calm night of hanging on a patio drinking vodka-y concoctions with my family JW and I headed home to sleep at an entirely reasonable hour of the evening.

Which was great, since it meant a morning of paper reading, breakfast having, bike riding, and soccer playing.

And then- bar bites and sips at Fat Cat, our sponsor bar.

It’s been a fantastic weekend so far.

And luckily for me- it’s not over. I’m still staring down some serious cooking and festival going this evening.

You can’t go wrong with something that’s officially called Burger Fest.

At least that’s the way I’m looking at it.

Enjoy the rest of this Sunday, chickens, it’s a beautiful world out there.


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falling back in line.

And we’re hitting up another new week, chickens.

Although it’s already June 4th, I’m unofficially claiming this as the beginning of a new month.

One in which I get myself back to some kind of semblance of a routine.

Famous last words, right?

This weekend was dedicated to celebrating my friend JK with sangria and dancing and snacks.

She’s cruising across the country at this point, and we’re all waiting anxiously to hear how she settles into her new city.

JK: West Coast Edition.

I think it’s gonna be pretty exciting.

As a result of the dance-y, booze-y Saturday night, I spent most of Sunday hanging around, watching a gazillion episodes of True Blood and wishing I’d eased up on the imbibing just a little bit sooner.

You live and you learn, chickadees.

And then the weekend comes again.

In any case, after laying on my couch for six hours (pausing only to roast a chicken- strange? Maybe.) I headed out to a late night soccer game and kicked around the ball a little bit before coming home and hitting the bed fairly hard.

Eight hours of sleep is a beautiful thing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Up today: I take some more ibuprofen to ease the pain of my limbs post-bells (I’ll be sore until freaking Wednesday- I know it), cruise through my day in my cube, and contemplate the benefits of exercise after work.

That is, if I have retaught my legs and arms to move properly by that point.

Enjoy this Monday morning, chickens.

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