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Quick check in

I know, I know, I know. I’m so remiss and also, behind, but man, you guys, I mostly want to laugh with Boo and sleep through the next four weeks and some change, even though I am deeply aware that this is not an option.

Lady Baby reminds me of this with a swift kick to the ribs regularly.

In preparation for welcoming my second little baby into this world, I’m doing things like making lists of what to take to the hospital (apparently I remember nothing from the first time, and so I did some googling. You know what was on one list? White Christmas lights for ambient lighting. C’mon, internet), going to yoga because I believe it will keep me sane, and reading an insane amount because last time I had a baby, I became illiterate and spent three months watching I Love Lucy (I do not regret this, if you were wondering).

We also redid the closet in the children’s bedroom so that we can fit all of the pink outfits that somehow have accumulated in my home. I thought I was being Highly Reasonable, but you know, those are just words that don’t really describe me.

Pretty much, once we hit June over here, she’s welcome to show up at any point. We may not have a crib or a vision of what our lives look like with two little ones, but I put my money on crazy, full, and incredibly exciting.

In the meantime, I’m back to my 80 pages per day quota on Alexander Hamilton, which is keeping me calm during this election season by bringing to my attention the fact that nobody ever gets along and everyone’s always been bat shit crazy.

Don’t ask me why this calms me, but it just does.

Enjoy the sunshine, chickens!


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restless nights and sunny days

Oh man, you guys.

I’ve hit the part of this pregnancy where I want to maybe throw my FitBit, because it’s mostly telling me I’m no longer sleeping.

As if I hadn’t noticed that I am rolling around all night. I really think I need a human-sized rotisserie to help turn me over when I’ve been on one side too long, but that’s a business plan for another day.

The lady baby is pretty active. Boo, if you will recall, was breech at this point and so despite not yet knowing it, I was merely being head butted a lot.

Now I’m being stabbed in the ribs with appendages, but chickens, it’s the miracle of life, right?

I’ll have a word with her when she arrives.

Other than that, I’m enjoying the gradual warm up around here (and the dry-up, it’s finally stopped raining, and I’m crossing my fingers that Theo, at some point, stops being made mostly from mud) and getting ready for this little girl by online shopping in a way that could be considered unhealthy and thinking that it might be almost time to buy some newborn-sized diapers.

That’s all it takes to raise them, right?

Help me out guys- I can’t really remember, even though it’s only been two years.

Now all it takes to raise them (him) is an unlimited supply of cereal bars, a nearby park, and Night, Night, Elmo on repeat.

This kid stuff is easy.

And with that, I’m off to coax my child into the car, despite my unreasonable demands that he let mama drive and that he sit down in his car seat.

Be easy, chickadees. Enjoy this sunshine!


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rapid fire

A couple quick things on this morning, since Boo is desperate to be on my lap reconfiguring my computer:

1. Yesterday Theo and I spent the morning together, since he had a checkup (that lasted all of ten minutes- star patient, over here). This interruption in routine caused him to run to the door at 7:30, turning the knob and yelling “Bye bye!” as loud as he could, until finally, I decided we should go for a walk to try and placate him. So I was the only mom taking her baby for a long walk in the 45 degree weather on the first day of June.

He’s a mover and a shaker, chickadees, and as soon as we made it to daycare he took off without a glance in my direction.

I totally get it.

2. I just watched a clip on Sesame Street that featured a Macaroni-saurus that was tamed by a giant meatball. It was followed up by a video featuring the different kinds of macaroni shapes. I feel like as an Italian-American I should be slightly offended, but instead, I loved every second of it.

3. It’s supposed to be over 60 degrees at some point today- c’mon summer, I know you’re in there somewhere.

And now it’s off to make the commute, and try and find a parking space among the dreaded Street Parking restrictions. Pray for me, chickens, that I don’t back into too many cars out of frustration (and mediocre driving skills, of course).

Enjoy it!

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cutting right through it.

Listen, Linda (if you don’t know about Listen Linda, please click here).

It was a lovely weekend even though it rained because the Hawks won (Yesssss!!!) and Theo did downward dog and we got to hang out with our family and I played in a soccer game.

And then JW told me that Beau Biden died and I got really sad, because it is really sad, and he was 46 and had babies (listen, Linda, all kids are babies, even when they’re teenagers), and man, hasn’t Joe Biden had enough sadness, no matter what you might think of him (for the record, I think anyone who can smile that wide is awesome).

I clicked around Twitter for awhile, trying to find something that made sense about all of it, but of course it doesn’t make sense and so I found nothing. Except this article, which is about what Joe Biden has to say about grief.

And you guys, he’s totally right. In this insane world where it’s considered noble to be so busy you can’t think straight and you’re judged as admirable if you put your job before everything else, it’s important to remember that it’s all pretty much bullshit to really believe that, I think.

You don’t have to agree with me. But when you read that article and you think about what’s fleeting (which is everything, guys) and you think about what’s important, I dare you to come to any other conclusion.

This man, who’s lost a son, a daughter, and a wife, he gets it.

The fact that he can smile at all is really a miracle in and of itself, if you ask me.

So this week, before I head into the belly of the beast, I’m focused on what’s important and how watching Boo laugh his tiny head off is better than anything that’s happened at work, ever.

Enjoy this one, chickadees, I know I will.

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five good things: it’s the anticipation edition

Morning, chickens.

And let us all breathe a big sigh of relief because we have successfully made it to Friday, (mostly) in one piece.

That’s definitely something.

And because I don’t know about you but for me this was a really long, sort of tough one to get through, I could probably use a few good things, and there are plenty to go around, let me tell you that.

Here goes:

1. Since it’s about to be double conference day around here, I’ve been dedicated (ahem, obsessed) with my FitBit. My RA is touch and go, but something I can almost always do is put one foot in front of the other, and so it’s been my goal to hit 10,000 steps a day every day between now and the end of my conferences (easy in a giant convention center). Last night I realized I was going to miss the mark, and so instead of flipping to another episode of the Sopranos (yes, I’m pretending it’s 2006 here), I threw my sneakers on and took a quiet, cool walk through my neighborhood in the dark.

It was lovely, and I have another notch in my steps record.

2. I have this entire weekend before I even have to start thinking about the fact that I leave next weekend. This means two free days to get my act together, play with Boo, and hang with JW before wondering what I’ve gotten myself into, again, and whether or not I have the appropriate amount of clothes to get me through my trips without pausing for laundry.

3. Yesterday I wrote my sister that I was having something of an “Alexander” month over here, which is a reference to one of our favorite books, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, and is code for things aren’t going so hot, please tell me a joke. Fast forward to today and because Theo expects several stories before retiring to his crib, I pulled out my own copy of Alexander and made myself feel much better reading about how we’re all vulnerable to occasional string of bad luck.

My mom says some days are like that.

Amen, sister.

I’m just glad I didn’t get gum stuck in my hair.

4. Things Boo does this week that he didn’t last week (also known as: Babies are Crazy): Speak Spanish, Climb backwards down stairs, hug Longfellow Tiger (not just stomp on his face) and turn doorknobs.

I wish my learning aptitude was set at Baby Speed.

5. Today’s a day with almost zero meetings, which means plenty of potential to get.things.done, chat with funny people, walk outside away from my cubicle, and hit an early happy hour with my team in preparation with what I’m sure will be another kick ass conference.

I hope you’ve got as much good spilling into these next few days as I do, chickens! Enjoy this one!

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pulling it together, sort of.

Morning, chickens!

That long weekend was exactly what I needed to rest up for the next three weeks. We spent it mostly outside, playing at parks, taking 100 walks, getting my library act together, and celebrating birthdays, and it was lovely.

Also, as of last night, the industrial drying machines are out of Theo’s room, AND I can use my bathroom sink again.

It’s the little things that keep you from going right over the edge, my friends.

I’ve got two conferences coming up in the next three weeks, much like in 2013, but since I missed conference season due to Boo last year, I’m finding it a little tougher to remember how to tread water through it.

I think it involved a lot of long nights at the office and overindulgent happy hours, and unfortunately, those options aren’t quite as available as they were two years ago.

Luckily, excess coffee, 90s Spotify playlists (might I suggest Blessid Union of Souls as a consideration?), and white wine happy hours at my own house are still cool.

I’ll be in Las Vegas in no time.

And then Denver.

I’m not really complaining, chickens, I have a lot of fun seeing it all come together and laughing with my teams, but this is just about the time of the year that I wish I never had to see a slide deck again.

JW actually sent me this article about PowerPoint yesterday, and now I hate it even a little more.

But that’s neither here no there.

Anyway, I’m ready to take this one on, because it’s already Wednesday, and with that, Boo and I are off to finish an episode of Sesame Street and get to it.

Enjoy the sunshine chickens!

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copping to the less than ideal.

All right chickens, I know I’ve been fairly absent lately. Things are jam-packed in my neck of the woods, and I’m finding it tough to find a time to write when Theo doesn’t decide that he would like to use all the keys on my computer, yes please.

This week has been unendingly long, and also one that’s been fairly unpleasant.

I cringe even as I type that because it’s my nature to keep it positive, and to understand that in the grand scheme it’s all good (and yes, I know it is, really), but last night the last thing I did before I went to bed was step in actual, for real, shit, (but you guys, it’s funny this morning, right?) and so I feel like maybe it’s time for a safe space rant.

Things that I would like to put out into the world as a result of this week’s events:

1. Plumbers are expensive. So are people who set up crazy, industrial-sized dryers in your baby’s bedroom and then say we’ll be back in four days for these.

2. 45 degree weather in May is a bummer.

3. People should just be nice on a baseline level. I’ve been trying to be all Four Agreements and remember not to take things personally, but man that is tougher than it sounds.

4. The thing you (I) have to remember about people who maybe aren’t acting nice on a baseline level is that they’re probably not nice to themselves either. At least we don’t have to be them, right?

5. Sleeping in one bedroom as a family sounds sweet, but is actually the worst. If you do it you will be a zombie.

6. I have never been happier to greet Friday morning.

And with that, I’m off to tote Boo to daycare and get some work done. I’m 100% positive that the long weekend will make up for the less-than-ideal week I seem to have latched onto, and that I’ll return on Tuesday with a better attitude and a sunnier outlook.

I’m off to listen to T. Swift in an attempt to hustle that outcome along.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it (and I’m getting it, chicks).

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days in the desert.

Just a quick one, since I’m starting to feel the jet lag, and oh yeah, there’s work to be done in Dubai.

The good news is, I survived the 13 hour flight and didn’t even have to bother VB once by summoning him to help me through a panic attack.

A huge achievement, if you ask me.

Probably a huge relief, if you ask him.

Our event isn’t actually until tomorrow, so today I spent the first part of the day sunning myself (it’s super hot here, but also, there’s a great pool) and then grabbed lunch, saw an aquarium modeled after Atlantis, and now am relaxing until our next meeting.

Well, I was relaxing until a bird popped from the balcony into my room and I had to reason with it to get out.

It’s hot bird, I get it.

Still, you don’t belong.


Dubai so far (to be fair, “so far” is only like 20 hours, and I haven’t really been beyond this giant resort) is kind of like Vegas + Disneyworld + something else that I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s clean, it’s rich, it’s beautiful, but people don’t really talk to me when I’m with my boss (I get it, culturally different) and so it feels a little less friendly than my average day.

But you can’t beat the view.

dubai in the morning

And with that, I’m off to attempt to make it through the rest of my day in one piece. Enjoy this Monday, chickens!

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globe trotting.

Morning everyone!

I’m a little late this morning, but I’m running around today, finishing up work and getting ready for my trip across the world.

And downloading tons of Mad Men, books, and music to keep my anxiety at bay on the plane.

And yes, I counted all my Xanax- I should be good.

Among my “let’s get ready for a trip to Asia” activities is making a sauce for my boys to eat in my absence (with two pounds of the Wagenschutz men’s favorite macaroni- rotini), gathering up all of my chargers, packing snacks, and wondering if I can fit this guy into my suitcase:


Also, I took part in a frantic conversation this morning with my bffs about how we would keep in touch while I was international, and luckily, we have all now downloaded WhatsApp so that we can chat over wifi.

I decided that instead of trying to get a global plan for four days, I would just seize the opportunity to become a little less dependent on my device (but who am I kidding because I can still message and FaceTime on wifi and who even calls people, anyway?) while I’m in the desert.

In addition, I waited too long to ask IT about an international phone, so really I’m just late to the game and trying to turn it into a learning experience.

Nothing wrong with that, chickadees.

And now I’m off to finish up a day full of calls, picking up Boo, grilling in the delightful warmth that Chicago’s currently experiencing, and downloading everything I own to my iPad and hoping it adds up to 26 hours, which is how long I’ll be in flight over the next week.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, and stay tuned to my debrief from the desert!

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long stretches.

Morning chickadees!

After a string of actually warm and sunny days, the rain has started up again.

I’ll try not to take it personally.

We’re already at Tuesday, somehow, after a weekend that included long walks, Derby parties, sunning ourselves, and making good use of the deck and the grill.

So essentially, all of my favorite things.

This week is fast moving and all business, since I have two flights (one of them at 13.5 hours) at the end of it.

In order to combat my growing anxiety about being in the air that long (yes, I know it’s irrational, and so yes, I have a prescription), I’ve begun researching the most efficient ways to pack as though I have never flown before.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

The plus side to my mania: I will not run out of plane snacks, books, or movies.

I’ll be reporting back on whether or not I cover my face with a scarf and spend half a day with my knees in my chest.

Somebody pray for my unsuspecting seat mate.

And with that, I’m off to pay some attention to the tiny man who’s wedged himself next to me.

Apparently he’s got some computer work of his own to get through before the morning commute.

Enjoy this one, chickens!

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