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enjoying the hike.

Chickens, so sorry to be absent this week, but I’ve been all over the place, having a blast, and I haven’t had the time to check in.

But I’m pressing pause for just a second here, to give you a quick update on where I’ve been and who I’ve seen.

I’m sure I’m missing several amazing items though, I just can’t keep track of them all.

Over the past few days, I’ve seen my sister and her fiance, checked out her wedding venue, celebrated my grandparents’ 80th and 85th birthdays with all my family, eaten the most delicious pizza in all the world with my grandmother, aunts, and cousins, trekked around Boston with JW, stayed with Ky’s parents and sister (who are basically my parents and sister), and headed north for a couple of days with LE, one of my best friends for almost 20 years.

And you guys, I still have two states to get through until I get home to beautiful Chicago, which despite all of this awesomeness, I admit to missing.



After an amazing almost-week in New England, I’m headed by train tomorrow to New Jersey for a quick working stop, before joining my best pals JD and Ky in NYC for a long  weekend of relaxing and sight seeing before finally getting home to my favorite city and a normal routine.

Enjoy this one chickadees, it’s a beautiful week out there.

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got me down on my knees/next stop, vegas please

Ok chickadees, I’m but 24 hours from getting out of dodge and getting into some trouble, and I cannot wait.

I’m looking forward to ridiculously warm temperatures, bright lights, and cocktails straight until Monday.

Sounds like a pretty good little weekend, right?

The last time I was in Vegas, I was 22 years old- I spent the majority of the time sitting at a slot machine playing a game called “Hot, Hot, Penny,” and losing my phone in various locations.

JC kept trying to teach me a lesson by picking up my phone and not telling me had it, but this backfired when it turned out I could go hours without caring that it was missing.

Especially when I was fixated on paying penny slots.

I have not gotten one iota cooler in the past seven years, so this should be an interesting mini-vacation.


The above is nothing more than proof that I am not the kind of person who should vacation in glamorous places.

And yes, I’m pretending I’m in a WWI trench in this picture.

Don’t ask.

In any case, tonight’s activities include yoga, manicures, and trying to figure out if I actually own anything I want to wear this weekend.

Also, deep breathing, because my doctor’s assistant explained to me that they don’t refill xanax prescriptions anymore without actually coming in to see a professional.

Even if I just want it for flying? I said, you know, casually.

Even then, it turns out.

Enjoy this one, chickadees, we’re about to hit the weekend!


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keeping my eye on it.

Morning, chickens!

And welcome to the middle of the week.

Last night, JW and I met up with CJ, LM, and R, sat outside, had a few drinks, and laughed until our sides hurt.

I’m pretty sure there’s nothing as good as a Tuesday night happy hour.

Especially when it seems that the weather’s finally turned around.

It will likely snow tomorrow because I said that.

In any case, as I hit a day full of more meetings than I can count, I’m focusing on the fact that on Saturday, I’ll be wheels up to Vegas with my bffs to celebrate CC’s 30th birthday.

Oh man, someone please explain how our 20s got away from us so fast?

Maybe I’ll find the answer by the pool this weekend.

I’m planning on enjoying the sun, several vodka drinks, and the possibility of winning all of the money.

I likely will win no money, since my expertise is limited to several slot machines when I was 21 and a drunken lesson in blackjack that occurred in Indiana.

You’ve got to start somewhere, right chickadees?

And with that, I’m off to face this one head on.

Like I really have any other options.

Enjoy it, chicks.

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five good things: the-aren’t-we-glad-we-get-a-break edition

Morning, chickens!

This is going to be a fast one.

Let us keep in mind though, that it is Friday.

Be thankful to whoever you throw your gratefulness at for that one.

This morning, after a long long long week, I’m giving you five quick things that are good.

There are obviously millions more, but let’s spend the morning focusing.

1. This song:

2. B’s heading to Chicago this weekend, which means a weekend of shenanigans.

Someone better take me to the Museum of Science & Industry.

I’ll be hanging out with this pair for two straight days.

3. I don’t have to go into the office after tonight for more than 48 hours. Thank you thank you thank you.

4. The high today is above 35 degrees. I realize that this seems like a ridiculous thing to name as “good,” but listen world, it’s been a cold, cold week and I’m going to take what I can get at this point.

5. Last night, tickets were booked in a frenzy for a spring weekend in Vegas. The last time I went to Vegas I was 22, had a crazy pox (i.e. mysterious rash all over my body), and was not even equipped to enjoy it.

I admit this might be better as someone who’s a little older.

Remember when we were this tiny and irresponsible?


Enjoy this weekend, chickadees. We all deserve it.


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was it everything that you wanted to find

Oh hi there, chickadees.

And sorry for the way longer than usual jump between posts.

I was soaking up some sunshine in Florida, laughing with my pals, and eating chips.

I think that’s exactly the kind of cure you need for February in Chicago.

After four beautiful days of hanging by the pool and basking in the fact that I have perhaps the most fun and hysterical best friends a girl could be thankful for, the weather got crazy in our home city, and we ended up stuck for one more night.

I cannot say I am sorry about this fact.

You wouldn’t be either- I’ll show you.



Other things that happened: laughing in every room of Ky’s uncle’s beautiful, beautiful home (you could tell from looking around he had led a fantastic life), piano concerts that lasted 12 notes, cooking up delicious meals, and drinking tequila poolside.

It was a delight.

But however sad I was to leave the sun, I am glad that yesterday was the last day of longer-than-it-should-be February, and that all we’ve got ahead of us is spring.

Which I’m focusing on despite the fact that I see snow coming down outside of my office window.

I have faith in summer, chickens. It shows up every year.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!



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accidents leading up to the punch line

Morning, chickens!

If you’re in Chicago, it’s a snowy one out there.

And I’m not one bit surprised that I accidentally left my snow boots at work.

There are worse things than wet feet, I suppose.

I’ll take wet feet today if it means it’s all cleared away tomorrow when we’re supposed to fly to Florida.

A couple of notes on that:

  • I haven’t even looked in my closet to see if I own any warm weather clothes. In this case, is it acceptable to simply wear a bathing suit and dock shoes all weekend?
  • I have zero books to take with me. This could be a thing.
  • I also haven’t called my doctor to get my xanax prescription filled so that I can fly like a (semi) normal human instead of an anxiety-filled mess.

Strangely, I am not concerned about this.

I’m feeling like maybe I can tackle it on self control only.

This is likely a giant mistake.

I’ll let you know how it shakes out.

In any case, I am more than ready to get out of dodge after a weekend that not even a consistent yoga practice could calm down.

And with that, I’m finishing up my breakfast beverage (side note: if you don’t really blend up a smoothie, you’re gonna have to chew spinach leaves, which is about as weird as it sounds), and heading out into the snowy tundra.

Without my snow boots.

It’s about keeping it interesting, chickadees.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it.


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jingle jangle jingle

Morning chicks!

And Happy Boxing Day!

I hope that everyone had a beautiful, fun Christmas with your families and friends.
Christmas this year brought me clothes, yoga gear, and a brand new camera (courtesy of JW), which my sister has already started giving me lessons on- look for less blurry, more exciting photos in 2013.

If not, at least know that I’m trying to learn the difference between aperture and well, something else I should know about, according to my sister.

We also ate 7 different fishes, per tradition (check it out on my baby sister’s blog), did karaoke with our fun Christmas eve guests, and went to see Les Miserables last night, which was both excellent and depressing, in equal measure.

In any case, I’m spending another day hanging with my family, eating more than I should, and overall relaxing before even thinking of getting into the daily grind again.

Or hitting a yoga mat, although that should be something I get back to sooner rather than later, due to the amount of carbohydrates I have consumed.

I hope everyone is still relaxing, watching good movies, and not making too many moves off the couch today.
‘Tis the season, chickens. Enjoy every second of it!



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