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Quick check in

I know, I know, I know. I’m so remiss and also, behind, but man, you guys, I mostly want to laugh with Boo and sleep through the next four weeks and some change, even though I am deeply aware that this is not an option.

Lady Baby reminds me of this with a swift kick to the ribs regularly.

In preparation for welcoming my second little baby into this world, I’m doing things like making lists of what to take to the hospital (apparently I remember nothing from the first time, and so I did some googling. You know what was on one list? White Christmas lights for ambient lighting. C’mon, internet), going to yoga because I believe it will keep me sane, and reading an insane amount because last time I had a baby, I became illiterate and spent three months watching I Love Lucy (I do not regret this, if you were wondering).

We also redid the closet in the children’s bedroom so that we can fit all of the pink outfits that somehow have accumulated in my home. I thought I was being Highly Reasonable, but you know, those are just words that don’t really describe me.

Pretty much, once we hit June over here, she’s welcome to show up at any point. We may not have a crib or a vision of what our lives look like with two little ones, but I put my money on crazy, full, and incredibly exciting.

In the meantime, I’m back to my 80 pages per day quota on Alexander Hamilton, which is keeping me calm during this election season by bringing to my attention the fact that nobody ever gets along and everyone’s always been bat shit crazy.

Don’t ask me why this calms me, but it just does.

Enjoy the sunshine, chickens!


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What’s shaking.

Thanks, chickens, for all your congratulations on our addition to our little family.

We’re so excited for Lady (baby) to join us soon-ish, and Theo has decided that either Abby or Mommy are acceptable names, so thank God we’ve got that taken care of already.

I’m just hoping she chooses to be a tomboy, because otherwise JW’s going to have to learn how to french braid and apply make-up, as surely we all know I’m doomed in those departments.

My dad has been known to call me his only son, you guys. I can’t help who I am.

However, who I am has not kept me from purchasing floral onesies and pink leggings in advance, because honestly, I can’t look at another pair of overalls.

Even though Boo, you are very cute in overalls.

Other things going on around here:

  1. I managed to finish Three Wishes (another Liane Moriarty title) and The Wright Brothers (David McCullough at his shortest, which was great, since I could tote the book on the el with me) last week, which was productive and keeping me on track to continue 2016 as the Year of Literacy.
    I’m trying to front load my reading because during my last maternity leave, I basically became illiterate, I think because my brain needed every single cell for keeping my baby alive, and so just in case that happens again and I find myself watching Roseanne and I Love Lucy exclusively for 12 weeks, all the books need to happen now.

    It’s a survival tactic.

  2. I’m turning 32 this week, which is amazing and funny and not at all as terrifying as I thought it would be.

    I had one scary moment in which I decided that I was nearly 40, but then I remembered how much happened between 22 and 30, and realized I’ve got all kinds of time for cool things and disasters to occur before I hit 40.

    Also, my thirties have been really rather fun and eventful so far, so I’ll just run with them. I’m not someone who ever had (or has) great expectations about how everything’s supposed to unfold, so it makes it pretty easy for me to just take things as they come at me.

  3. Jen and I have still been at the yoga, albeit a beginners’ class because sometimes you have to be willing to start over. This week our delightful and quirky teacher told J “You’re really flexible, actually” and looked surprised when I hopped up into an inversion, and so I’m hoping that we’ve actually convinced her that we were yogis, once upon a time and we’re not just liars on the mat.

And with that, chickadees, I’m off to get this one started. Enjoy Mardi Gras, and please, eat some packzis for me (as I was remiss and didn’t locate any in time- lady baby, please forgive me)!


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a good looking place.

Morning, chickadees!

We hit Monday so fast that the weekend feels a little bit like a blur, but I’m left with the general feeling that it was very good.

It was full of yoga and errands and hanging out on a boat.

The city’s a good looking place, chicks.


It still takes my breath away, after a decade. Hanging on a boat to celebrate CJ’s bday was a great opening event to another summer in Chicago.

Also this weekend: lots of time outside with my favorite Boo, in which I attempted to teach him the art of the selfie. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, I haven’t quite decided yet), it turns out that Theo is simply not into this particular art form of self reflection.


I can’t say I blame him.

This week is another full one: hot, stormy weather is in the forecast, and my team returns from Las Vegas with plenty of stories about our conference.

I’ve also managed to nab six books from the library (another example of my tendency to over-use my hold privileges), which means I’ve got a lot to look forward to during the train ride.

Reviews to follow, of course.

But first, T and I have a commute to confront. Enjoy this one, chickadees!

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making it the best we can

Morning chickadees!

I apologize for the interruption while my 14-week old, JW, and I continue to figure out what our morning looks like and how we get it all in.

For the entirety of my childhood, whenever my mother failed me (you know, by being two minutes late or not getting me everything I wanted or insisting I call when I got there), I always rolled my eyes and she always said, “I’m doing the best I can.”

Which led to another eye roll.

But Mom, I get it.

It’s our family creed over here.

This past weekend, which is already days away, was another good one. We relaxed, shopped, watching baseball games, yoga-d, and took Boo to the beach for the first time.

He liked everything except when I dipped his feet in the freezing cold lake, but you know, I can’t blame him for that one.


As you can see, my parents have procured a baby-sized tent to keep my barely-Italian child out of the sun, since his father has decided it is inevitable that I will allow our little guy to get a sunburn.

Which means I will now go to any lengths to ensure his father is not right.

As you can see, a bonus of this tent is that it also fits smaller-than-normal thirty year old moms.

I love when things come with a bonus.

Also this week: Boo has finally started sleeping in his crib, which means that I’m not rooming with two snoring boys and additionally, I’m getting way more sleep because not every tiny thrashing that Theo makes requires my immediate attention.

He seems to like his roomier digs, and two nights in, I’ve already quit checking on him to make sure he’s breathing twenty times a night.

I’m down to five times.

A massive improvement.

And with that, I’m off to get us ready for our day- enjoy this one chickens!

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the new normal.

Morning, chickadees!

It’s a cold-ish, rainy morning here in the Second City, and somehow, I find myself with only three weeks left to spend full time with my little guy.

When T was first born, I couldn’t wait to get back to work. I had spent 36 hours in labor, I was exhausted, and also, I didn’t know how to take care of a baby, even though I loved this particular baby very much.

Going back to the office and leaving him with a professional seemed like the best idea for all of us.

Nine weeks later, we seem to be getting the hang of it (and I realized loving him very much is really pretty much the whole thing anyway), even though to be honest, I’m not counting on ever knowing exactly what I’m doing, but that’s true for everything in my life, and really, it just makes things more interesting.

Anyway, while I will not be unhappy to get back into the world of (sometimes) adults, I am beginning to realize that leaving the Piglet for eight hours a day after having him all to myself for three months might be (more than slightly) painful.

Ok, that reflection is over.

But you can tell by just looking at him where I’m coming from, right?

photo (18)

In other news, this weekend I decided that it was time to return to one of my more 12-year-old boy hobbies, playing soccer.

Which means that today, after jogging around a field and trying to remember to not play rough, because you’re a mom now, NP, all of my limbs are sore.

I also went to yoga and took a walk yesterday, adding to my general aches, because no matter what happens to me in this life, chickens, I will never be good at moderation.

I’m a self-proclaimed work in progress, you guys.

Enjoy the beginning of this week!

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back to that mat.

Morning, chickens!

We’ve just come from a slew of beautiful days and another visit to Michigan, and T, JW, and I are settling in for the rest of a busy week filled with visiting family and hopefully, lots of naps.

Although Theo doesn’t really seem that into naps at this juncture.

I can see where he’s coming from.


Last week, I went back to yoga after my obligatory six weeks off and health clearance by my doctor.

It was pretty much as awesome as I’d imagined it to be, except that my arms and shoulders were woefully week, and it took an entire class to acclimate myself to my post-pregnancy body.

After trying to lower to the ground chaturanga-style, I pretty much flopped on my belly because I no longer had the cushion of T between me and the floor.


Second up, we hit the wall for some inversions. I was obviously thrilled, because I love nothing more than a headstand, and positioned myself up against the wall and then launched my legs over my head.

I weigh about 20 lbs less than I did eight weeks ago though, and it turns out, I was still compensating for that weight when my legs smacked against the wall with a loud thump.

You can’t win ’em all chickadees, but you’ve gotta just get back on that mat and keep trying.

Your muscles will thank you.

When they’re finished punishing you first.

Enjoy that sunshine if you’ve got it.

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on my way to where the air is sweet

Morning, chickens!

Theo and I are gearing up for a morning which involves a trip down Lincoln Avenue for a vaccination.

He has decided to react to this news by having a mini-meltdown, which at least means I won’t know if it’s the shot or his general outlook on life causing his anguish this morning.

Stay tuned on that one.

Yesterday was a beautiful, beautiful day that involved sunshine, our first dinner on the deck, and a long, long walk to the library to pick up a couple more books and pay a fine amassed by the number of children’s books I had managed to not get back on time.

I think we’re all gonna make it out of winter, chickadees.

And that is a very good thing.

Up today aside from the shot: watching T punch and kick whatever he can (mostly air) because he seems to have discovered that all four limbs belong to him, trying to finish Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman (did anyone else read this and think it dragged? I love the man, but the book is not doing it for me), and getting ready for a weekend which promises cookouts and a return to yoga.

Things are looking up around here, chicks.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!

photo (12)


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