sunny skies and spritzers

Morning, chickens!

It’s very nearly the weekend, which is exciting for a multitude of reasons.

One of them is that the weather promises to warm up and the sun is rumored to make an appearance.

Theo is very over being rained on as his mother attempts to sprint to the car with his carrier in her arthritic, uncoordinated arms, so the forecast is really perking him up.

Something else I’m excited about:

A few days ago, in a bout of excessive internet searching, I came upon a particularly good looking drink recipe over on the Joy the Baker blog.

There is no find too small to build an evening around, so I texted my buddies JD and Ky, and we’re slated to try these clementine and red wine spritzers tonight.

There was a time period in our lives when we perhaps would have been too snobby about trying something that involved a wine spritzer, but thankfully, chickens, one of the redeeming things about getting older is that you admit that you just like what you like, and man, who cares what anyone else might say about it.

Until tonight, I’m off to hold my son’s hand until he falls asleep, because somehow this convinces him a nap is acceptable.

Babies are weird, you guys.

photo (20)

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it!


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